14 Aug 2017

Passed 9000 views! Flickr. And a remote access meeting.

I congratulated myself for passing 9000 views of this blog. The numbers with 000 on it are great. But compared to the view of my flickr pictures, it is not so much.

This Pictures above are from the front of my flickr page this morning. I "do" take very different pictures: what i feel like.

Of course, it is faster to look at a picture then read a blog post!
Of course, it took me years to build up my flickr followers.
I was disappointed a bit last week, only 2000 or a bit more by day. Of course, 234 looks at my pictures is just in the morning. But last days, I got to peaks of 4000 a day, when I went out to the market, and in only a few days had more then 9000 visits.

As for this blog, this morning "already 16" yesterday a bit more then 100 and all last month around 3000, in "all time since I begun" the total grows to 9200.

So all is relative.

I am still happy about it. I believe, we should celebrate all success we can so make us feel well in our body and soul.
And go one, whatever happens outside.

The 57,000 view of a picture, arrived over 12 years. The first column is Views, the second how many added them between their favorite pictures (it is not sorted here by that) and the third shows how many comments there are under them, about them. Flickr account is on the name of "joyoflife" and also Julie Kertesz, of course. High in Google, as I added every day for years now.

Between these pictures, three are also from my own favorites, and yes, I can and will tell a story about each of those. "She must still work"; Dancing despite the rain; and Hospital corridor are very special moment that did teach me, each, something.
  • The first, to appreciate what I have. 
  • The second, to admire those who go on despite adversity. 
  • The third, the importance of a camera with me : it gave me courage as I walked alone under the hospital toward an unknown analysis in a tube, alone.
Yesterday, afternoon for East USA, from 8pm in the evening for me and John, and early morning in Australia already for Graham, we participated to a meeting Remotely through GoToMeeting platform to a Toastmaster club that welcomed us, and also let us use Pathways already.

Five speeches! Between them one by John Kendell was an Pathways Icebreaker. From the Arlington library participants, we got a speaker rehearsing her Accredited speech and another the Semifinal he will offer in Vancouver and one from Ralph the very skilled SgArm who handled all technical so they see us and we see and hear them. I also liked a lot the "out of pocket" speech by Graham, that stuck in my mind and his feedbacks to the others.

I am waiting for John's ok, as I have recorded his Pathways Icebreaker then I could publish it tomorrow here. Let me know, if you would like me to publish any Pathways speech with comments even in next posts.

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