4 Aug 2017

Research, Zoom and the different backgrounds

I finished the level 1 and level 2 of Presentation Manager path, they were approved by my VPE, send to TMI. Now, I have to wait, till they send me the next level(s) Manuals. Still pondering, but advancing on my vision, for my level 5, Visionary Communication path. New plans, new actions, still a way to go.

My third path is Effective Coaching and I am at the end of level 1: Research

The first path, I did research on Transition periods and linked it to Pathways
The second path, I researched abut Panels and how to manage them.
The third path, will be about Zoom Green Screen feature of it that interest me specially as photographer.

Just a while ago, I have not heard of "green screen" or "digital background" at all. Through the last two years, I tried to have behind me one of my bookstand, messy. A picture I love, it made people wonder and try to see it better, no good. I took it out and remained with my plain, light yellow wall and did fight with the lights. Did buy two new one, not really good enough the night.

My first try into backgrounds that my club members had seen
I participate mostly online to different club meetings, so it is important for me. 

After many online clubs switched from GoToMeeting to Zoom, I tried to learn about zoom as much as I could. 

Still long way to go. But will from now on. 
The change in background interested me a lot. I am a photographer. At least, I have taken last 12 years a lot of digital photos, about 70 000 are stored on Flickr, in different Albums and Collections. 

I love experimenting. 

Some of the backgrounds you see come from my album "patterns and textures", others from images taken in my neighbour streets or alleys, London discovery.
Another feature of Zoom is the ability to show your computer screen with ease, and use it to explain. It is also useful to mentor or coach, help progress, as others also can show their screen and then you can guide step by step. 

Someone asked me "we will have to go through same level 1 again and again"? 

You can see by my example, it is never the same. While the tasks seem same, because we grow and evolve and change, we apply them to something else. As Paul White said so well in the post he wrote for this blog, published yesterday, Pathways lets us apply to reality, the reality that is changing.

I have a few slides with how to change background and the story that goes with it, the green tissue had to be ironed, then pinned to the wall behind me. If I use no photography, i have a plain green background. Not too bad either. 

But what a good new game discovering what works what does not "behind" me! 

Getting used to research, listen to instruction videos, now about light, photography, depth of field, another time about coaching psychology and methodology etc is good. Enlarges my understanding. 

It is what Pathways is bringing to us. 

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