5 Aug 2017

Level 2 for me, not so easy

On level two I had three projects and three speeches only each time.
It was the first, the most difficult to me, as I wanted to understand "the jargon".

1. For the "Find your Communication Path" a way of speaking unusual to me was used. Not until I got into Google, I realised that is what some university and great companies personal section uses. Still do not like those jargon words, even if by now I understand what they mean.

The truth is, it is not so easy to put anyone in one of the 4 or 5 boxes and tell "that is you". Some characteristics fit others not at all. And beside I had almost (1 point difference) the same in two.

I am Storyteller, Standup Comedian in my free time, and Photographer (not Pro). So on my Facebook page or front, I love to show my photos. Best photos, last photos. I can even combine and will next week, both storytelling, zoom, photography and pathways into one story about my last discoveries, research.

But Research!!! again helped me out.

Yes, some use "communication style" to speak about if you are seeing and speaking in Pictures, or in Sounds, or with Sentiments and trying out. Of course there too, we are not 100% pure one or other. As I told in a video "do not put me in a box".

It is true, that I prefer communicating with personal stories: they work. And I remembered this afternoon my conversations when we were young with my best friend. That is what I will tell about! Even if possibly, all begun for me when my great great mother did teach me wisdom through her stories about herself and the family. I will leave Paula, my great grand mother for the next path...

2. For the "Find your Leadership Style" which in the Presentation manager path was replaced by the most funny Body language, the conclusion is whatever our style, a leader has to adopt it depending on whom he speaks. As we do in life automatic, not same style with kids or in work or etc. What I will tell, I leave it to another week, later. Last path, I spoke when I was lead, perhaps I will speak about the first time I had to lead in work young girls but each so different.

3. When you were a Mentee. I will tell all I left out, well some of it, from my last speak about one of my best friend, who did help me with so much wisdom for so long in my life.

So, I will go through the 3rd time in Level 2... and survive! Probably as usual even learn from it.

And at the end of level 2 the wonderful level 3 and level 4 waiting for me for all their goodies, so useful in real life and so varied. Only three stories, and some new remembering and research and I will arrive... there.

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