29 Aug 2017

Same, but variations; and what IS in those levels

I do love Van Gogh paintings.

He lived in different conditions, and also today his paintings are worth millions, at the time, he did not have even money to pay for models.

He went out and gathered some sunflowers, put them in a pot on the table, then...

painted variations of what was before him

I feel the Pathways is like Van Gogh's paintings in some way. Many projects come back on next path and next path, but we have the possibility of infinite variations!

Each time, we are on another level, not as "pathways levels" but we have grown and learned and understand them in different ways.

Here are the levels as I understood them, before I have ever begun to use them.
It seems on level 1 three projects: in fact we have 5 tasks to do 5 different times, as the second project we do give two speeches and one evaluation after we understand well it's importance. We are also taught how to accept a feedback, how to use it and incorporate it. I loved level 1 !

I did not like so much level 2 because I refuse to put in a box, and beside it uses words taken from Academia and Big Organisations. But once I understand that the most important is the situation, I remembered stories sad and funny from how to make myself understood and how I lead at times.

Level 3 was the recompense for me to have gotten there with its many many electives to chose from. And yes, of course, before we finish, we have to serve as Topicmaster and Toastmaster at least once. Evaluator we were anyway at least once at level 1. I read many project before choosing the two.

Level 4 seems simple, but all takes a lot longer to complete. We get to do even more interesting stuff.

Level 5 is of course where we stay perhaps longer as we try to accomplish what is required of us. Again we have some interesting choices for the elective project. Soon, finishing this too.

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