1 Jan 2018

1 day of 2018 begun as it should continue

Happy New Year 2018 to all of you!

This morning Facebook did show me this, and I liked it but was not ready to share with anyone: received already too many images and videos and all my iPhone got full with them.

No more place!

As I got up this morning,

I read this in the Pathways Panel Discussion under my yesterday blog post.

Impressed by my post of yesterday, she not only decided to get back to Toastmasters but also to begin Pathways. Founding my post "hopeful and inspiring".

Dana Shankle made my day!

Then, a bit later I had an email exchange with a would be Toastmaster, and indicated him that he could look at the TMI and try out the Break the Ice. At noon, he answered "I found it! I found it!"

Tonight, yes, the 1st of January we had a meeting at Royal Roads Toastmasters, all the way in West cost of Canada online. From Hong Kong to Florida and Michigan also Toastmasters joined, not only me from London. I was invited to present a Keynote speech on my 2017 Pathways Journey. 

 At the end of the meeting, each gave yet another opinion about my speech: they loved it but they thought I should have put myself up more. What?

A very interesting Q/A followed. "Why did you not point out that you reached 28 000 visits" ? and so on. No one asked a question I could not answer. 

From being thought an "expert" because I was one step ahead... it seems that I have become really a Pathways Expert! 

Then the evening become even better. Vic Lindon (near me in this picture where I show only for of us, not the others) told to all: listening to Julie speak tonight, I decided to begin Pathways too. That was the high of the first day of 2018. 

2017 was the year of Pathways Discovery for me, 
2018 will be spreading even more my pathways passion as decided in my Visionary Communication, my first path. 

The journey continues and the passion catches more and more people.

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