10 Jan 2018

30,000 visits and the search changed it's place

Thanks for being faithful and coming back again and again. That is how from May 2017 we got over the 30,000 views! And now, I put the Search on the top : you find easier what was already said and written.
I looked also again at the most viewed posts, they changed also. 

I am happy to see that my lasts posts got a lot of interests, it gives me courage to continue writing day after day. Another interesting statistic is that ¼ of the devices used to read it is iPhone, and the rest Tablets and Computers of different systems. 

So the layout used was important to be able to access the blog.

Those are the last Pageviews and many are from December, or fall. One is still from June, my second month! 
How to chose a Path almost 700 reads and the login to TMI more then 500 already!

As for me, I arrived to level 5 of Effective Coaching that I begun in April last year. I suppose, it will be till now, the longest lasting path, the one (haha) I believed it will be the easiest to finish.

I did not get deeper in my motivations. Yes, I still love to coach, and today I received a new request from an experienced Toastmaster "please, coach me on storytelling." It is a very interesting one: I love it! Not that I need it any more for my project, just finished Positive Coaching, level 4, but I do not coach to get one more project finished: I do it to help in something I know best.

Now, as I already begun (and almost but not quite finished the HPL in which I did not have a choice, had to do it for this path, here are the Elective Projects from which I can chose. 

I decided to Moderate a Panel Discussion on the subject of Storytelling Techniques and Tips, which is needed for my Witty Storytellers club. And also a topic, many others could be interested. Plus, I know great storytellers that can be Panelists! 

1 comment:

Magda said...

Julie – I find the stats interesting.
The “old” people (what is your definition of old?) is showing the interest of many senior Toastmasters and the baby boomer lot (they say I fall in there!).
I find it exciting that people embraced the “learning for life” concept so well.
Yes, I am talking about Toastmasters.
It would be interesting to know from your blogs, who are Toastmasters and who are not.
Then I smile about the fact that how to choose a path is getting such high ratings.
It is looking like the seniors are looking at the “Old people can and does” and then click onto “How to choose a path.”
There is a big story here but the stats are missing.
No, it is not your fault.
TMI should have stats for those who click on “How to choose a path” and then do it immediately.
Keep up your good work Julie.