15 Jan 2018

Tom Colling about Change and my feedback

This one is only an image to what will come as you read on: do not try to click on it.
This youTube screen showed me Tom on as he speaks at Road 2 DTM, Nebraska and my evaluation from London, near it a BaseCamp demo I've given at the same time!I 

With all this, plus a last speech yesterday, I did finish my Level1 as I gave my second version of my story at DTM Masters, Virginia, incorporating what it was suggested. They do offer to speak, 2 or 3 times a year only, as we are many, so I could not change to another month easy. As, my prepared evaluator did not remain, instead I got a feedback from someone who did not see me. But Graham, our wonderful TM of the meeting had heard me telling Breakfast in bed (that I published yesterday) the first time and told me I'll get a feedback from him. "You did incorporate in your great story what was suggested to you indeed".

The task that was still missing, from Feedback and Evaluation project was to give feedback, and I did it by Evaluating Tom Colling's wonderful speech about Change. Really happy to offer him a feedback for many reasons. Listening to Tom, I learned wonderful expression that I will borrow! I let you listen to him and discover them yourself.

This one is the video.
I've met Tom Colling as co-remote access member of another club, in Oregon, and we begun to chat after. He come to discover this blog, liked it, and finally, invited me to the Road2 DTM Omaha Club, from Nebraska where he is club coach

It was a pleasure, as I could really hear all of them very well and they me on the hotel's huge screen behind the lectern, and before the meeting, Tom went around and presented me all their present members one by one, through his mobile phone. but I could see them also while I spoke. The screen was behind the lectern so could even see myself, the audience filmed and the speaker when it was not me. Many interesting other speeches and feedback and table topics too. A very inspiring meeting!

Evaluating Tom's great persuasive speech: Change
From London UK to Road 2 DTM Omaha, Nebraska club

I did not ask them to let me evaluate: Tom Collins asked me to give feedback to his speech. As it happens, it was exactly what I had to do to finish my level 1 "Evaluation and Feedback". In plus, I learned a lot of great expressions from Tom. He is a great speaker and Club Coach.

So I finished yesterday, after my very busy weekend, yet another level 1, this time for the Dynamic Leadership. still to be approved by one Base Camp Manager. A lot in the weekend, my last 'quiet" one. For a while, it will slow down for sure, as I prepare for the club visits as Pathways launches in my district

Preparing and speaking in many clubs about the Pathways Education System launching to our District, will be a great task. My next six weeks very busy. In plus, I will be presenting at officer training too about it, in a different way. 

I am ready now to go to the divers Toastmasters clubs, as Ambassador, and tell them about Pathways, less afraid about "what I will say and how to learn it" now that I read a few times the text suggested by TMI for the Ambassadors and the Guides and looked at a few presentation done in other Regions. It is all about things I do know and in which I do believe. And interactivity with audience.

The only problem really will be : will my legs hold me? 

I did take care of my spirit soul and head but not enough of my body and left feet. Tomorrow, will see my physiotherapist as it was as far I could the appointment  but I did not do most of the movements he asked me. What I will tell him, how to get out of this? How can I expect him to help me if I do not do the movements I was told to do daily to improve? 

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Peter Zenger said...

Congratulations on completing smithery level one!

I do hope all is well with your physical therapy so you may complete your clubs visits with energy and enthusiasm!