27 Jan 2018

Pathways Celebration at Witty Storytellers

A background can be important!

In Zoom I learned not only sharing my screen, so I can show  inside by Basecamp my path, levels and projects, but also how to add a "green screen" : digital background behind me.

It was almost last minute! I was looking for the "proper" background for our special meeting, and remembered this. All Guide Club presentation begin and end with this picture.

So I made a screen dump fast of a presentation, with a simple click on + sign had a new and very apropos background. 

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Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

And of course, all can happen. Today, Saturday morning I gave a 15 minute presentation to Global Trainers Online, and my background refused to function! I decided to buy my own Pro and let the owner of the club's open the meeting. Because first I was asked to open, then when she came in, all ceased to function as usual for me. Perhaps to "owners" does not fit? We will have to figure out what arrived.

Plus, in was a movement around my white hair, the lightening was not 100% either!
do not tell, julie, too fast "I know how to..."