28 Jan 2018

Transition to Pathways IS a transition

This is not an advertisement.  And it is already in this blog. I add it again, to remind myself and you that so far, between many I read from April last year, while I joined Pathways wagon, it seems to me the most useful.

What it says and teaches is necessary to all of us in our times of Transition, from one education system to another. All district and club leaders, all guides and ambassadors, all toastmasters where the Pathways already arrived or will arrive in the coming month should read it. Use it. Put some of its advices in practice.

Yes, it explains the greaving process but also how to make it less painful for those involved. It does get into that zone where the passing of desert by Moses is remembered, and in that place of feeling lost, needing time, how much creativity can also arose, as we are no more tied to old traditions. How sometimes, even new beginning can be difficult, for different reasons. 

Most important speaks on how organisations should handle change, if they want it to become a success. 

One of the most important is to communicate, again and again, not thinking "it is too early" or "they will know in time" or any other excuse not to give out information. Or reserve it to few. 

Other is different methods to handle transition for those feeling they will loose something. Position or expertise or even perceived awe from others. How important it is to involve them in the transition process and also prepare all for what will come.

As I hear complaints or reasons why some veterans are unhappy with Pathways arriving, or wait after arrived instead of trying it out, I feel I have to read it again and again. We all have in my opinion, veterans, new or older, young or less young, experienced or less experienced. Think, what part could we apply? Consider? Try out?

The book has a companion, I just finished reading again, Transitions, also by William Bridge. It describes more what happens inside us all. It feels to me, the two books are complementary. 

Yes, I have already wrote about it in this very blog, and even used the same picture. Another time, one without from where I found it. In fact, I have now two different copies: one on my Kindle, the other near my computer, to be able to show it from time to time when I speak online. And yes, I love to handle books too, even if my eyes these days love them less.

Level 1, beside the Icebreaker, and the great second project with a speach, then another incorporating the feedback, and finally offering a specific feedback another speaker could add and improve with, has a third project. Research and present. That is then, in my first level last project that my vision arose. After many paths, levels and projects, it never disappeared. Beside discovery of Pathways, study of change and Transition become my goal since then. 

Here are two links of blogposts, where I spoke about Transition, one from May 2017 the other from November 2017. I learned a lot in those months. But if you type Transition in the search, more is about the book and the process of transition in this blog already. 

My vision develops: how I can help the Transition to Pathways 

Told in May, Witty Birds - I was waiting for Level 1 to be approved

Told in November, Royal Roads - I was at Level 5 of my 1st Path

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