29 Jan 2018

Tonight, Presentation at Officer Training

Officer training for two Areas together: in areas where I knew years ago everyone. Visited each club at some time, in each of them, or helped out, or created them. Gave workshops, hold officer training and contests in many of their club places, as AG or DG - before I broke my leg.

To prepare for my 30 minutes, I have created a minimal 15`Power Point presentation, with images taken from many places, from a Presentation that initially Andy Hammond, the Chief Pathways Ambassador send me. 
Here is one of the pictures I added to it, how neat the printed manuals can look, the one's printed by us. To explain, why not buy or suggest printed manuals.

Saturday, I rehearsed a Presentation of 15 minutes to get Global Trainers Online Toastmasters members opinion about it. 

They liked the three point speech:
1. What remains the same 
2. What changes 
3  What do do before launch
Still, it is the first time that I am "on my own" to present Pathways to a special group: the club officers. So I can not say that I am not a bit anxious about it. Not about the content, not even about the images (less the best) or the audience. Then what? Sometimes, a word just does not come to me, when needed. But this time, I rehearsed enough, wrote it down again, and do know well what I want to convey. So...

Wish me luck! Do not tell me to "Break my leg!" - again. 

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