22 Jan 2018

It is never too late to learn: Search Base Camp

This was and still is my Facebook Page now, as indeed I wanted to remind myself "It is never too late to learn!"

I believed, I do know "all" that is to learn about how to use Base Camp : I did use it now for 10 month, almost day to day.

Well, I was wrong. I still can learn a lot! 

Not speaking now about the next Projects and Paths I did not yet do, but of how to use Base camp and all that can be found inside it! Just discovered that beside our own Paths and the levels and projects inside is, the Base Camp is a whole Cavern of Ali Baba! 

Firstly I discovered the use of the Global Search Box: how it is that I never used it till now? In a Tutorial, and I will speak about it bellow, it was suggested : "better put only one word". So I tried. LEVEL - and here is all the different results! 

There is a Video, two in fact, and also a Tutorial Quick Reference Guide: "Completing a Level", that can be saved, printed, passed around. Till now, I have only looked at Videos, a bit too fast for me but very interesting and informative also. And for some reasons I believed the Tutorials are in a totally different place then my Tutorials. But through search, they can be fast accessed!
I did knew one can access many Tutorials, but till now, did not try to choose, launch, read and save (or print) a Tutorial Quick Reference Guide. 

This morning, while I was supposed to coach, instead I learned something new. The Australian Guide told me "I gave away when visiting the clubs to all members present, some short handouts from the Quick Reference Guide, all are just a few pages, on a specific item." After we finished, me learning more then her this time, I fast went to my Base Camp and opened, launched a few. 

I read first all about Search Base Camp. The names of files are from me, but the PDF is the Quick Reference Guide I saved on my computer. 

Then I saved the Access my Path, and the Print a Project : it tells what I knew but so clear, where and how to access in a Project the page from where it can be Printed (and saved).

Then, I wanted to see what is in the Quick reference about Completing a Project. Not bad at all! 

Well, had I read all this last spring, it would have saved me sorrow and waiting and worry.

I did believe, I will have to make short videos about many of these subjects - and there are many many more available in the Ali Baba cave of Base Camp - and now, I realize: they are all there already! Available to choose, to launch, to read and save or print and hand out to those who may need it.

Indeed, it is never too late to learn! 

Rushing through my projects, levels and path, is one thing, but now as I have to explain it, better get all the material possible in my bag and offer it, point it out, know about them. 

Tomorrow, first official visit to a club to explain Pathways!

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