25 Jan 2018

I am still alive, and more then ever.

Three exciting meetings, one after the other, this whole week in fact was so full for me, one Toastmasters meeting after the other, and the last three really challenging.

Let me begin with the middle: WednesdayWhat? who begins with the middle? I am in this post. Vive la difference! From time to time when we do know the rules well, we can change them. My 2nd presentation, a collective effort with pals I knew from long time. 

In fact, my club was once part of Area 35 and I was back to present there to one of the club I went already when they were just starting. In the picture with me is an old pal, Paul, Area Director and Pathways Ambassador who come to listen to us, and one of my three Guides, Samir Malek that I do know also from online toastmasters: I introduced him to it. Together, me as Ambassador and Samir as Guide we functioned as a well rolled team, taking the lead from each other and speaking showing explaining, sometimes me, sometimes him. We convinced all Toastmasters present Wednesday. All questions where about their new roles and when they can begin. That is the most important, but warmth present too.

Monday, I met with my Guidance committee, they were satisfied by my HPL project.

Tuesday, was my first Pathways Presentation, I was so anxious and also a bit tired from my long trip all the way 2 hours walk, bus, train, another train, car to the club's location, that I forgot to take pictures. Another great guide come to pick me up at the station, at first lost, finally we found the venue. Lots and very different audience. Many guests, many new members and a few experienced toastmasters. 

Should I say, or you would guess? At the end, it was one of the Veterans who played the role of the toastmaster unhappy with what is coming; for reasons, I already heard in discussion groups. 

Do we really have to begin Icebreaker again and again? --> it is never "same"
Do we loose our ACB and can not jump in the middle of a path? --> too different
Do we have to go level 1 instead of higher level? --> good to have beginners eyes

It is easy to know the answers, it is easy to feel them true, it is less easy to satisfy someone who did not try yet pathways in the just few minutes we have to answer all different other questions also. 

The public, the club was alive and great, the presentation went well too, and I met Toastmasters enthusiastic and understanding. In fact, I found this morning, two days later, an email from the club's VPM asking for more informations to give her along the weeks to come: and she is a great speaker! I heard her evaluate. Finding someone inside a club who understands and will help others is the best gift that can arrive to each Pathways Team. 

I also met the president to the club we will visit soon. He was very interested and cooperative. And it seems, he already "knew about me" having found information about my whole life. Googling me. If it was not so far, I would return with pleasure as they invited me. As it was, we returned to London late at night, in an almost empty train, and I arrived home towards 11 pm so tired... that I could not go to sleep still for almost two more hours! And next noon, had to present again (to that club I begun my post).

I found last minute a Pathways background to add behind me
Well, you would understand, by Wednesday afternoon, even a young one would have been tired. Thursday early morning we had a wonderful meeting that I organized, Pathways Celebration in Witty Storytellers Online, where I am VPE. We celebrated 82% members in Pathways.  What? 

Pathways arrives to 100% online clubs only in May. True. But we are global and all our members dual. Many of "s" also members in clubs where Pathways already rolled out. Others, like me, joined remote clubs to be in Pathways. We inspired each other. My passion took them "in" one by one. Private conversation helped too. And others joined us already being Pathways Guides or Tech Support. 

This image is a Gallery view, will most speaker on it, from: we had 7 Pathways Project speeches about pathways or paths. A timer who just joined Pathways and begins now his journey, Guide explaining her ups and downs till she finally could enter, and begin "in" and not only speaking of it, and so much more! One after other wonderful and very different stories, recorded, and yes, I will add them to a next post. Did not have yet time to process the video recorded by Zoom on my computer. 

I am in awe how wonderful is to have a speaker from Germany, applauded from Australia, introduced from Philippines, timed from Mauritius. A speaker from Canada, listened then followed from Uzbekistan, and evaluated from Scotland and so on. For some of us was still Wednesday late evening, for others at the other end of the word already Thursday afternoon! In spite of all, we were together!

And together, we are now the first 80% members already working on their Pathways paths and Projects online toastmasters club! One of my dreams, vision realized now. And you know what? At the end of the meeting, I heard one of our members, Guide and Ambassador tell "this meeting convinced me to go deeper and faster on my pathways journey!" 

I hope, as we will distribute the video, it will make other toastmasters feel the same. It was how each perceived very different ways our journey through paths, projects and potholes. And yes, we come out of all smiling and wittier. More alive then ever.

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Elizabeth Jordan said...

Thanks Julie. Will be sharing this to inspire my club members.