17 Jan 2018

What is the difference?

My level 1 was fast approved by the DTM Masters VPE so I am not at level 2. You see my screen: Launch? Activate? Evaluate?  What is the difference? you could ask. Indeed.

Launch, is present, letting you to read again a Project already downloaded for you. A project you have already "activated". Activate, is a Project you did not yet read and was not downloaded yet in your BaseCamp. And, when you finished a Project you are asked to Evaluate, it is for a Project you did complete, waiting for you to Evaluate it for the Toastmasters International, tell them what you think of it.

Level 1 - again? I got so addicted to level 1 that it is possible I will repeat it again, the same, not a new path (for the moment I do have enough). It does not have to be for getting new points! Any "old" project can be repeated as many times as we want. No one can ASK us to repeat a project, but we can do it ourselves. Better, or Different. Experiment, try, learn more by doing.

I got a new book, The Art of Creative Thinking, by Rod Judkins, professor at the Central St Martins Art college in London. Some of his advices, through many chapters (I am just at the beginning) but love it. 
"Be commited to self improvement. Express in different ways what you observe. " 
Find a place where I can make mistakes with freedom." 
Begin to do things in new ways, not like "it was always done". 
A beginner has a fresh perspective, for them nothing is "wrong" because they don(t know what is "right". Alas, "experts" see new methods as a threat to their expertise." Search for new ways of doing the same, search for an unusual way. Communicate your unique experience in different medium, different ways. Be creative. Persist discovering, going deeper, showing."
Do, try, experiment. Discover new ways of doing. Be Creative. Believe you ARE Creative! 

Here is my 5th Level 1 Certificate. I am still happy to having got it, even this time. But less then the first time. Less also because at some of my remote access clubs, they did not hear me well, so I am less sure of the impact of my stories.

I do need the audience!  

Thank you for coming and reading my posts! Now passed 31000 times: what a joy. And more of you leave me a comment, a personal comment nowadays. That means a lot for me.

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