30 Jan 2018

15 min Preparation for Officer Training

Delivered at one of my three 100% online Toastmasters club, called Global Trainers Online, this is a "rehearsal" Saturday: 15 minutes

from the actual 30 minute delivered yesterday to the Officers Training of two Areas 59 and 31 together yesterday (not recorded alas)
One of the areas is "my area" in many ways. I participated in creating it and was it's first Area Governor, as they called it that time. The other area was part of my Division, when I lead the Division, two years later, after having assumed the role of assistant division governor. 

Here are some of the slides in QT format so I could include them here. I have yet to work on them!
30 seconds each or click to get to next. I wonder, why bullet points transformed to "4"

My presentation was well received, between the online club Trainers, as also by the Officers.

The questions posed where mostly details on the parts I did not have time to deliver. 

We get a free... what? a project? icebreaker? ---> No, a whole path with all its 15 projects!
So a newcomer, as our club who begun 3 month ago, can continue the CC manual and the pathways at the same time? ---> Yes, if he wants. But I believe, will switch fast to Pathways. Getting a lot faster awards and more material provided. 

Relatively new Toastmasters, get a lot more interested about Pathways, faster acceptance also then from the relatively Veterans, who have to "leave something" behind them, to which they were used. A Toastmaster who knows only Competent Communicators, and is at the beginning of it, switches easy.

Here is a faster version, but best for computers then iPhones: should I leave both in this post? Half of those reading this blog do it through there smart phones!

So much for me to learn each time I visit a club! Or offer a training. Or presenting a slide show in this blog! Let me know which of the two works best for you. They show exactly the same images, but I believe in big format easier to read.

Pattricia, friend helper and VPM of my London club, who come with me to both my presentations, the first as Ambassador in a club and this one to officers of areas, told me after it "this one was a lot better then the first one". It seems to me as again, my veteran toastmaster, telling me the beginning "It was great!" and a year later "so much better then at the beginning" and a year later... "how much progress you made in a year".

True, we make progress each time we speak, each year, and with each new workshop or delivery.

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