14 Jan 2018

Who brings me breakfast in bed?

I add the picture here even if it was shown only short in the middle, because the blogger does not show the video picture when we look at it.

This is a picture of a very reasonable breakfast, in France. The only picture I have sold while exposing in a gallery.  I think, it was also bought because a story of my grandma was under it.

This video is the story (stories) I told at Global Trainers Online Saturday morning. They loved it! I needed a feedback that I could incorporate in the next version. Yes, I got it at the end too.

Listen to the story, it was exact 7 minutes. Give me a feedback! Perhaps under this post even. Philip, offered me an insightful advice: when you speak of the Breakfast you had seen as child, add food senses to it. What a great idea! I will try obtain the recording or record my second speech and post it too.

Some of the participants when I told my story from all over the world
The Second Project of every Level 1 is called Evaluation and Feedback and it is my favorite. It does goes in many details on how we have to listen to feedback and also how to listen before giving one. And also the difference between Advice and Feedback (this one is recommended).
As I am doing this project again, I observed it has also at the beginning the navigation explained. I did not remember having that before! Was it added or did I not observe some details? They are never shown too many times! I do remember those first weeks when I did not open up big enough, whole screen and did not seen the "Select to move to another section" at the bottom, that can be so useful. And had each time to stretch horizontal to see the arrows that go next page or back. 
I still do not understand why Next Next has to be added sometimes, and the Direction for the additional information. After you open Direction, and read it, you have to click on that info to make it disappear, till then nothing can be done; it covers the rest of screen.
While I do not hesitate to click, to try, I had seen some toastmaster asking me "now, what?" After the greyed area disappears you can click on every one of Advices and see how to tell it rather as a Feedback.

Yes, even after 5th time I arrive at Level 1 which is the same for every path, I can still learn and observe new things. In plus, I really enjoy enhancing a story and telling it again. And again. The impact of the story becomes stronger and also it sticks longer in the mind of the audience.
First page of Scott Johnston, Guide and Ambassador's Evaluation : first time he used a Pathways Feedback form.
And here are the beautiful words Scott wrote me together with the form, they mean so much to me! I got a lot of courage from them.
Hi Julie. It was my pleasure to evaluate you yesterday at Global Trainers Online. I enjoyed the speech immensely and your storytelling ability, something I’m currently working on and would like to improve. I learned so much yesterday as an online evaluation so different than evaluating in a bricks and mortar club. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations on a great speech. 
Scott E Johnston DTM
Pathways Guide and Ambassador
At 8 pm I was asked to Evaluate Tom Colling, who did give a superb CC9 Persuasive speech about Chage in Omaha, Nebraska DTM club. Tomorrow, publishing his speech and my feedback. That is how we all progress, giving each other feedback. 

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