23 Jan 2018

District One TLI Jan 20 18 Pat Johnson & George Marshall

One moment from the video which follows captured for me (and you) to remember with Pat Johnson happy
If I were me who edited the video, that is the picture I would have put on the top! Makes us a lot more eager to look at it, does it? I think it does. That is how I do remember Pat Johnson. 

Who is she? Well, she tells a lot about herself in her 15 minutes part and I a bit in this post, under the video. There is also another video with her in this blog, an interview.

15 minutes each : take the time, you will not regret it!

Did you hear about Pat Johnson, International President of TMI 2009 / 2010 ?
Pat Johnson come to London, and spoke at our May District Conference in Windsor.

Pat had a profound influence on me.

At that time, I was VPEducation and considering : Can I be a club President? Will I be able to do it? Am I good enough to lead the club? 

Pat Johnson in her wonderful keynote speech told us in May: I have just arrived now to know how to be International President! It took me many month to learn how to deal with the board, how to...

Suddenly, I was decided. If she can take her time to learn, I can too. Perhaps, I do not know how I will do it, but towards the end I have learned it! And, true. At the beginning, I had huge difficulties with my committee, as one member was against my propositions. Do I have to listen? Do I have to make vote? Do I have to ask the club members to vote? I had to learn, how to persuade... nicely. 

At the end of the year, the club grew and thrived and those who suggested me to become President told me "I told you Julie, you will be a great president!"

I would have never tried, if I did not hear Pat tell, even she had to learn how to do it. 

Pat Johnson initiated and lead the Pathways effort from 2010 July on. But I will not tell you more: listen to her! Want to know how Pathways was created? Here it is! Video taken at the District 1 TLI's Officer Training, with the two coming in to tell about Pathways each of them from their own home, and at the end, even answering to audience questions all together in a huge hall. 

It is because of her that I become to be interested in REP how they called it then, and waited and waited to arrive. Now, Pathways is arriving, everywhere! 

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