18 Jan 2018

A small walk inside my Base Camp

Yesterday evening, I gave my Introduction of Mentoring speech (about how it was to be a Mentee or Protégée) at my Lewisham Speaker club, they loved it! Indeed, the only problem they found that I went over the time to finish it. 8 minutes instead 7:30 

As I learned, not to protest, it is only as we were going out I did tell: remember! I am DTM, do you know what it means? It means "Don't Time Me" : they laughed. 

This morning, I logged in to my TMI account then to the Base Camp to signal I finished my project, here are the two images. Yes, one has to login (and out) twice. 
And then to the Base camp - to one of the clubs I am member now.
After I logged in we find ourselves, you with me this time, inside the Base Camp.
I can access my path through the TILE or directly click on it under it. What I did.
I have now the Effective Coaching waiting, on Level 5 for two projects to finish, and the Dynamic Leadership, where I am again, a beginner. Each time I begin, I look with new eyes and learn something new. My Level 1 was finished, as you see here.
And now I am doing the projects and speeches from Level 2. As I understand better what they want to teach, it is easier to go through them and speak as expected. Of course, telling stories, my way.
Did I speak yesterday about the difference? Understanding Your Communication Style was waiting to Evaluate it. Introduction to Toastmasters to Activate (before I read it) and Understanding Your Leadership style to Launch again. I mixed them up, because for my club with many guests, I needed to speak about Mentoring, and the Leadership Style I will speak about this Sunday only. 

After I answered all "before and after" self Evaluation Questions, as I did deliver my story about being a Protégée, and was evaluated (remember : don't go over time, rest great) I received this letter from the BaseCamp@toastmasters.org (asking me to "evaluate them", the project I just finished)
Ok, I evaluated the project, that I found more and more useful indeed.
Now, my two from the 3 projects of Level 2 finished. I will begin to write (half written already) my story of my Leadership style. I logged out from the Base camp, logged out from TMI and begun reading my messages from Facebook.

Can all be ok in life? Never, alas. I received early this morning message with a complaint: "You did not change my title in the Easy-speak! do I have to spend my time?" Well, was I happy about it? She made me spend My time! I had to go and change her already done speech title, from last week, instead of her, the title, that no one but her will see anyway. I did, then put it behind me: positive thinking learned from Pathways.

Then I received another message that made my day! "Because you helped me I am first in my district to have gotten Level 1 pathways award! Thank you" Thank you, for taking time to tell it to me. I went away from my computer with a huge smile.

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Coach Carole said...

Following your progress as I attempt to 'walk in your shoes'.
I am at the stage of completing Level 2 in Effective Coaching with my speech on Introduction to Mentoring. You will feature in it!