3 Jan 2018

A Project may be the same, but we change

This was a part of what I have written in my August post.

"I finished the level 1 and level 2 of Presentation Mastery path, Printed Version, they were approved by my VPE, then send to TMI. I have now to wait, till they send me the next level(s) Manuals. 

I am still pondering, but advancing on my Vision for my level 5, of my Visionary Communication path. New plans, new actions, still a way to go! My other path Effective Coaching was sleeping, at the end of level 1 at the project: Research

The first path, I did research Transitions and linked it to Pathways. 
The second path, I researched abut Moderating Panels.
The third path, the research will be about Zoom Green Screen feature of it that interest me specially as photographer."

I did finish the Visionary Communication and by now even the Presentation Mastery. Both are now attributed in my Awards. 

From July to December, I finished the Leadership Development path, all dedicated to Story and towards a storytelling international festival, with 15 Storytellers, that I created together with Paul White, him doing at the same time his Visionary Communication Path. 

Our festival went really well: a lot of work to create it. Nothing to compare how much work the Project took, to the 5 minute speech that I had given about, after finishing it. I then chose Lessons Learned from Electives, then Reflected on my Path. End of year, Base Camp recognized me as Leadership Development done and put it in the Completed paths. 

It is not yet added to any club's Club Central. First, it was year end break. Then, no pathways club I am member really needed that award. I decided to wait till March.

Now, I have to take out again and continue the Effective Coaching. There also I am stuck. Positive Coaching ask for 3 coaching, and I did two. My coached TM is on vacation. What now?

I can continue my brand new path, Dynamic Leadership. Icebreaker, done. I was there when a new research possibility come up. Training? A wonderful book I found : ten tips for best Training. Just what I needed also for Pathways Training in the clubs.

The forth path, the research was Emotion in Storytelling
The fifth path, the research become Training Top Tips.

I will pass the river next time again, the river will not be the same, and me? Transformed again. 

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