13 Jan 2018

Validate a project - only after? Oops!

In my blogpost from August, I explained that you have to answer all questions from self Assessment Before and Self Assessment after. I did not answer the "before" all points in April, and never could close my Project, the Icebreaker!

That is till a Toastmaster come to help me and showed me the problem. Thanks, Matt!

I then read recently, that it is enough to answer all the questions of self-assessment - AFTER. What? I did not believe. My experience, told me different.

Well, I decided to prove "my experience" true, and did not answer any of "before questions" then went to answer all the after, sure that it will prove MY point. I skipped these and went farther.
Aie! what happened? After answering the Assess After all questions, it saved even before I clicked ok and gave me this. All points before, that I did not answer at 0 but my project considered finished. 

Wait! Wait! I did not finish the Moderate a Panel yet. Still a mont at least to wait!

But Base Camp did not listen to me. It closed the project, thinking I really did it.

I went back and answered the "before" that I should have from the beginning, to see what happens and here is the answer. The comparison changed, automatically.
Instead of 0 they did put my Before Assessments, I had now the numbers I added later on.

But still I did not finish!!!

What to do now? As test it was OK, but as Project, I am still BEFORE the Panel, not after it.
I have already moderated a few Panel discussions now, and was also in Panel, learning not only how a Panelist has to prepare but also observing how different Panel moderators worked.

But here I am now, and because of the "Testing" I tried and to prove I am right not those who... knew better already then me, the Base Camp believes I finished.
No way to un-tell, no way to speak and un-finish inside Base Camp. Ooops!

What I can do, now, is to begin to find a place, a time, and begin to organize my panel. I do know, and now, all who reads it too, that I still have to Moderate a Panel, if possible, next month. And do it seriously. A great panel about personal Storytelling. Or should I do it about "oops"?

Does not mind what the base camp thinks or even TMI who asked me even to "evaluate" their Panel Moderation Program, I do know that it is still before me. And I will do it well.

In plus, you know also now: best answer all Before questions, but not because otherwise your project will not close, just the comparison will look strange will all those Zeros. And if you see the Zeros, then go back you can still answer and change. And, attention! Do not answer the Assessment After, before you indeed, completed the task the project asked you to do.

Do NOT do, this time, like I did. Did it for you, to verify, to make sure. It is wonderful that they changed from April how they operate. All improvements are great! It also means, we will get some more changes of the user interface. I am looking for them, with pleasure.

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Magda said...

Yes, it is possible to get a level "finished" on the Internet without doing any speeches. Some will abuse this. Most members will do their speeches as required.