8 Jan 2018

Too much freedom?

I arrived again, to Level 1 project: Evaluation and Feedback. 
I had given the Icebreaker and even spoke about a book I found when researched Training, and spoke with a great Trainer who trained even with the author of the book. 

Yes, for the first time, I did the Research before the Evaluation. It worked well. Except that now what? Here it is the assignment for the second project (in any path).

Chose any topic! 

This is a speech as some dream about and also a prove that you can do any speech about any topic when you need it. 

Then we can repeat it, incorporating the feedback, even better! A well rehearsed free speech. 

Yes, but when I do not have a topic? What topic will I chose?

The freedom sometimes makes more difficult to begin. 

When you have a topic, even vaguely imposed, it is like a seed. Sometimes the topic comes to me, the occasion the date or, an images gives me a topic from my life about which I really want to talk. Each story is important. Each story matters. Each story tells something, leaves a trace behind me. 

But when nothing comes to mind?

The freedom to speak about whatever you want in whatever way or style is not always optimal. Some complain "not enough freedom to speak in Pathways" I arrived to feel "too much". What should I tell about? What should I tell? 

The Project was waiting, waiting.
Today, I looked at an album with Foods.
I found that plate : one of my first "table topic" pictures. 

Breakfast in bed! Here is my story! I have sold this picture that was exposed in the first ever Gallery I presented it, because of the story that was written under it. Well perhaps, the image too. 

Breakfast in bed was something I dreamed from childhood and did not have many times. My grand-father got breakfast in bed every morning from his wife! Even in the worst condition my grandmother did bring to him morning after morning. So much to tell about them. Then, how someone I got to know promised me to bring me every morning. After three years, I had to break with him and then I discovered: I can bring breakfast to bed to myself! I prepare it, so what? 

Here in a few words only about it but I found my topic! 

Now, I will have to give in shape, tell it a few times around me, then write down, correct, tell again recording, see about timing, trim it down to essential. I have my topic! 

I realized earlier, that I can buy myself flowers, I can go to vacation alone, I can bring breakfast in bed to myself! Don't need someone else to for them! Finding a topic is not easy, but finally it does also come to me, without being told what to speak about or what style to use to tell it. I can even try out different styles, more or less humor in it perhaps. 

I will get feedback, then tell it again in a different way, at least once again. If it goes well more then once in more then a place even. In a while, I will have my next Level 1 ! 

1 comment:

Magda said...

Julie... the unstoppable!

Julie I find it better for myself to repeat the speech with the incorporated commendations. It is also easier for the next evaluator to determine if the goal has been reached.

I like the freedom. I wonder at times if some members won't get stuck in one style only. Well, that is not my problem.

Breakfast in bed... we all have an opinion about that. I eat very carefully in bed not to get crumbs on the bum. That could be story in itself. Ha-ha.