20 Jan 2018

Basic structure of any Path

Yesterday evening, I had a meeting with Toastmasters, and realized that some - or would it be many? do not have yet and idea of the Basic Structure of Paths on which the new educational Pathways program reposes. 

In May last year, George Marshal gave us a Q/A 30 minutes for my online club, Witty Storytellers Online, I published the video in this blog, and somehow believed from now on, "all know" as I did ! And never spoke about the 10 path having each 5 levels with increasing difficulty. And I have written a post How to choose a Path, with a great overall description too, explaining more in detail with pictures. Click on it, a new window opens.

One can not reach the next level, till one did not finish the one we are in. 

Other then the Icebreaker, first we have to finish, the projects INSIDE a level can be done in any order. 

Almost all projects finish with a 5 to 7 minute speech, but some projects can be done fast, as fast as preparing a good speech - some times meeting some criteria, other time a lot of work is involved at higher levels with increasing difficulty.

Level 1 and Level 2 of any path are very similar or same. 
"Do I have to do it again?" the answer is "Yes, but you understand it better!"
In plus, there is a lot more about our life's story then we could put in 5 minutes!
At Level 2 sometimes, one of the 3 project changes to something funnier... 

At Level 3 we have only 1 "Required Project" which now is different and specific for the Path, and then we can choose 2 "Elective Projects", at minimum (or more if we want) from 13 yummy projects. By the way, we can open, read, save and print all the projects at the level we are on, or those we have been if not yet done before. 

At Level 4 the Required Project is a more involved task depends on the Path chosen, followed by the usual 5-7 speech, and only 1 Elective Project ( by us from 7) Those are longer to complete. For example, creating this blog and posting for a month (8 posts minimum or in my case I posted 30, every day one), but there are other choices depending of what you like or want to learn. Only ONE Elective mandatory. 

Of course, at Level 5, would be Prove your Expertise... and also interesting, practical electives to chose from, and each path finishes with the obligatory Reflect on your path.

A path can not be thought as equal to any advanced manual, or any two either. The old education program, called now "traditional" by TMI and the new "pathways" educational program are too different. It is best to understand how it works, not to try to make a parallel. Also because the leadership tasks and projects are very blended with communication there are no two separate from each other. I would remind you, that before a few years ago, when I started first and when I started even second time, Toastmasters, there was no such thing as Leadership Manual! 

As my blog goes from me not knowing and then discovering the program, it is best to be read from May (when I started it) towards today. But it can also be searched from the search box at top right. Alas not visible on smaller devices, but on laptops or bigger. 

I accumulated some experiences through the last months, finished three path and am now with two others, one at the end and one near the beginning. As at the end I always have to wait, for a longer project to finish (two this time) I buy a new path on which I can work and tell my stories in my, yes, for the moment seven clubs. Sunday, evening will give one and with it, will get again to my favorite place, Level 3 where there are so many interesting Projects to chose from. Will be able to do again, one I liked specially on a previous path, or discover one I did not yet try. 

Life is interesting, with paths and projects!

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