6 Jan 2018

Why these post are the "most seen"?

Ok. The first one because of its title. "Old people can and does" already tells: not only young love web and can use and have pleasure in Pathways, the TM new education system. (Sept)

I also understand the second. What i s the difference? Paul E. White, the Chief Pathways Ambassador of the second Pilot District, D27 has an innovative mind. He send me wonderful images to demonstrate the difference between the Legacy system, as he calls what we did till now lately, and Pathways. Images are worth thousand words! They speak. His images do indeed. I understand, why they become popular. (Sept)

How to choose a path? Everyone needs to know and understood better indeed. But in just three days, this one has come up to the top of almost of all 230 posts views. From one to other, it did spread. (Dec)

Login to TM and Sample your 1st Project, is also relatively new. Everyone, who is not yet "in" can do it! I understand why it become popular. (Dec)

Where is Base Camp? Is it the title or the humorous story of someone loosing it? Even if for him, it seemed tragic then. Not one day you can lapse with paying in Pathways! (Oct)

Welcome to Pathways! Before you chose a path.  Comparing Levels 3, 4 and 5 was my first attempt to explain how to chose. Good, even if less then the last one about it.(Dec)

Visionary Communication Proficient? It is my first and well loved path I finished. I do not even remember, what I wrote about it. But for sure, I was really happy that day! How I did it? Overcoming obstacles and learning on the way. Becoming able to help others.

My four preferred path, were chosen by me at the beginning, I have since skipped one and chosen another forth. Leadership Development, that I did not suspect how much will love at that time. I changed, I think the paths change us more then the Advanced manuals did before. Real, profound teaching in many projects! (June)

Pathways back to Ralph intent. I still love this post. I still believe in what I said then. And the last but not least in the 9th most read post of this blog is the following:

Printed or not printed? Well, for me definitively NOT! I like to be able to choose. To read, to know, to open and save and print, to play with the elective projects before I choose one or two of them, personalizing thus even more each of my path.

Should I add a link here as it is in the sidebar? Perhaps for those who read this from a smaller mobile device, as they  cannot see my sidebar, where this is available. So yes, now ALL the titles are linked and you could go there by click on the titles.

I am happy that many, but not all are blog posts from December: my blog posts are getting better or this blog more popular? I think it is also because I listen and try to explain in it what toastmasters ask themselves. So with time, the list will change again.

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