11 May 2018

A year ago I was waiting for a Base Camp Manager approval

A year ago, I finished Level 1 but could not move on, till... my my level was not approved. And I did not discover it either, how to ask. Nor the BCM how to approve it yet. Finally, got help and got it approved and could move on farther. 
A whole year passed since! But I did not have as much joy from any other award then I had when I Printed Level 1 of Visionary Communication! 

It was not easy to become Pathways Pioneer but even back then we could help each other. We were not alone. That is what Toastmasters do and online was even more impressive how we flew to help whenever one of us needed it.

Those difficult beginnings lead me and many of us who begun early on, to be able now to guide other clubs. 

Tomorrow, having finished my first visits to my 5 clubs, I begin my 15 or more VSS: Virtual Support Sessions. Through zoom, video conferencing which all my clubs experienced already, it will not seem "virtual" as we will meet indeed from afar but the same time and speak as if we were in the same room.

Witty Storytellers Online was the first club I presented
Nairobi Bottlers the second, from Kenya
Kwanza Kenya club come then from Nairobi
The Thika Toastmasters from Kenya and then
Toastmasters Tunis, in French (but they do understand English too)

I am excited and happy to reunite toastmasters from all those clubs! As the Pathways launches the 15th, I hope there will be many present with questions, that I can now answer because I did walk the walk. 

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