10 May 2018

Five more days! Then all may choose a Path to enter Base Camp.

I will begin the end of this week my Virtual Support Sessions, in all 15 - or more. Being between those who have already experience, ready to answer all questions.

I call myself now "Pathways Proficient" now, this was my first badge: Visionary Communication Proficient. It was the path of discovery, the path of deciding my new vision.

Old vision was Storytelling Club, an ongoing personal storytelling workshop. Any of you want, can come to visit, our Witty Storytellers Online club and perhaps become member even. My new vision, formed as I finished Level 1 was Pathways and Transition. Ready to learn all I could about both, I thought that combining the two it becomes a more interesting research. At the end, from Research, Change it become my Vision and a Mission I still continue.

Two doors at almost same time, two paths I would have liked to begin. As it turned out, one door did not open fast for me, and instead of end March when my first "opened" the second did only mid June.

So it took longer already to begin, to penetrate inside. In fact, I did not get really inside till I did not changed Presentation Mastery Printed to Presentation Mastery Web as entry door. I left the first and did buy the second, as it was too late to change and beside, they did not change a manual already send to you. With time, I finished also Presentation Mastery (web) and begun showing Pathways guides how it works from the inside.
I have even copied this two badges and added them to my email signature. Not long time as it took long to load each time. They were to heavy to use to sign with them under my name.

It was only when I got the third "Proficient" : Leadership Development, that I decided, enough is enough, and I can not put them all under my name.
At the same time, adding VC & PM & LD proficient did not sound well, besides will I do what I decided I do not like? Use initials? Who can guess what they mean. So "proficient" or "pathways proficient is enough". And even that I change often adding just the city from where I am near my name. 


  • First login to Toastmasters.org
  • Then (after having studied which) take the assessment
  • And you may get this, which I get often even nowadays

In fact, any of this three are great and interesting path and I recommend them. If they are grayed there is because I was still finished the Leadership Development and begun already the Dynamic Leadership. So they were available already in what they call "my transcript" as a "curriculum". Well as Paths.

Before, it was 1, 2, 3 and the 3 was begin! or "easy" now the 3 is as it should be "Disable your pop-up blockers". As all the pathways material is on popups after popups. And in the 14 month I begun, no other things did popup to annoy me. So, why not?

There are different ways to get "in" and begin after having chosen a path, the sure to see if the path was indeed well chosen is go to the name "Welcome Julie!" in my case and under the address one finds "go to my transcript" after a path is chosen.
Normally it will be written Enrolled in 1 path and then you can go there and begin. First by Activating your path, then Launching it, then doing same with Level 1 and with the Icebreaker, and after having finished, one project after other, in their time.

Remember, Auto-Assessment After, tells the Base Camp you finished a Project. I did finish now even the Evaluation and Feedback's Project's three tasks and I am not preparing, again to the Research and Present. Perhaps, for Saturday.

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