29 May 2018

Flashback article : today links to posts and questions for those new to Pathways

This "flashback" comes from February, when a whole huge region rolled out. Two links, explaining and linking in turn some explaining perhaps to 12 posts I have written during last year. 

All about different problems I have experienced and what I found out about dealing with them.

I begun to look, and found at least two different 12 links proposed, one from December last year, the second in February. 

The first post title is "a Horror story with 12 links.

It is bellow and even if it is not much of a horror, it is how I felt when I wrote some of them, very low. It took some time, to understand some things at the beginning. I did not become as soon Pathways Expert as short it took me to buy my Pathways tea-shirt that you see here.
It is not as much a "horror" but all the things I felt I did wrong. As chosen a Printed Path (that I never finished finally). 

How I do not mind at all beginning again and again. 

My preferred level 3 : first time I felt there as a kid in bonbon store, allowed to choose. It did happen to me once in my life.

All the different ways and reasons I did choose, not all the best specially at the beginning.

The image will not led you to the links the title will at the top. Image here just to give a hint, what you can find.

The second is 12 posts for newcomers to pathways. This title is the link.

This 24 some repeating, are not the only ones I wrote about strange things I found. I hope you can avoid some problems reading those posts. During the year I did experience lots of problems, or bizarre user interfaces. I made at the same time even more wonderful discoveries and learnings. 

As I got in Pathways with beginners eyes, I went on and on. Did not stop at first bump.

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