14 May 2018

Virtual Support Session 2 worked! 10' video, how to choose a path

Virtual Support Session went better: Monica Oraro, the VP Education of the oldest Kenya club, Kwanza Kenya, arrived prompt and through zoom chat told me what the members want help in: how to choose a path.
How to choose a path? was the question most Toastmasters her club wanted to understand just before the launch tomorrow.

They are waiting with impatience to get their hand and be inside Base Camp, to choose a path, and begin! That is very good news too. 

She liked my two demonstrations as well what I explained and showed before, not recorded. In plus, she will contact other clubs in the area and ask more Toastmasters to assist to my Zoom Support Sessions. Alas, in the video below, you can not see what she wrote in the chat, but she was the one directing me to what she needed to know. 

I did show, the 2/4th of a Prepared Power Point presentation. And then I showed my blog, this one where the questions are described in two posts in detail. 

1. Welcome to Pathways! Before you choose a path... 
2. How one choose a path.
Both between the most visited posts from this blog.
Here is npw the 10 minute video I have taken today. Easier to take when someone is looking, asking questions and directing what she needs to know.
Next time, it can be better, as always it can be improved. But I am happy with the session as was she. Monica even promised to bring more with her next time, or send when she can not come. From her clubs and those around too.

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Julie! You have been answering questions that I have had all along.