25 May 2018

How pathways was created: introduction

Arlene, from Florida, an excellent VP PR for Firebirds Collective online club, created three different posters for every week meeting. 

She posts them in different time and different places, and at the end, adds all three one after the other. I could observe her at work when I was the Toastmaster of the Meeting, last Sunday, during the first "after Pathways launch meeting". I was offered this role, as a year ago, I was the first to introduce Pathways and later give speech from Pathways project. As well encourage toastmasters from this club to go far their way, and begin Pathways by becoming also members of an already Pathways district, remote access. 

We discussed details, she changed again and again, with an infinite patience As on one of the posters, the photo of the TMoM appears with the theme and a special saying. 
We had a very special guest, for this special meeting, Pat Johnson, past International President and leader of more then 200 Learning Masters with whom they created the new Pathways Education system.

She told us the tale of those days, when all was torn down and nothing yet sure, and how they decided to WHOM the new Education Program will be addressed. " 5 different Personas". Tomorrow, I will publish the whole speech together with questions and answer session which made us understand even better not only how Pathways was created, but what part she and the Learning Masters, different Toastmasters from all over the word, new and veterans, young and old, different professions discussing the new education program, for years.

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