17 May 2018

Leadership Development Proficient

I reserved my Leadership Development path to my online club, Witty Storytellers Online and I just got it officially awarded. Only today, did I realize, how long I waited. In fact, I finished it already mid-December last year.
This is the certificate printed by me, the one send by TMI I will receive later. It does have on it the date I finished the path in the Base Camp. It was one of my two preferred path, and I am so happy the VPM of our club could declare it today. 

Here are my for finished path, not in order I declared them to Club Central, but in order I did finish them in Basecamp.

Visionary Communication, 6 ½ month, was Pathways discovery.

Presentation Mastery, was how not to choose a path the Printed material experience, interrupted then finished online. 6 month in real time.

Leadership Development only took in all 5 month with a lot of work and lot of joy and stories; and co-organizing a festival.

Effective Coaching, longest of all my path, because I begun it almost the same time as the Visionary Communication and then put it aside, begun again, then realized I had also to do a HPL. 12 Month. Through all of them I paid for 7 club memberships and visited 5 other clubs too. So had plenty of speaking possibilities. And time to prepare, full time of my life.

The LD path proficient is already on my award page even if the club does not have it yet attributed. It seems some time passes till that will happen. No hurry, after having waited almost six month to declare it! 
I am now working now on the last level of Dynamic Leadership. Just begun Level 5 in fact. Some projects are a lot longer then others. Till I could read the whole project, I did not understand really what is required. The short description do not always reflect or explain what is asked. Now, I read the whole last required project, and I hope it will be finished not so long as I feared it.

The last two path, I just begun, and I am working on Level 1 of the Motivational Strategies. Perhaps, because what I decided it will take me the longest. How many projects will I really do? I could 35! Leadership Development (French), taken as I liked it so much the path in English. Mostly to learn the terms and be able to speak about them in French too. Will I be able to give any speech in French, or will I give it in English, will have to be seen later, a lot later. For now, that is my dormant path, just the Icebreaker finished.

Yesterday night, I was Timer, and in plus one of the five Table Topic Speakers, I was elected as BEST Table Topic Speaker! Strange that It made me happier then my LD Proficiency declared yesterday noon. Of course that was then, finished in fact in December, and this was yesterday evening, "now". I was funny and I demonstrated with gestures what I said, the GE declared it too. Online is wonderful, but I love how I can move with "real" audience in a room and can play and make fun and astonish them suddenly. They almost forget I am old woman.

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