12 May 2018

Virtual Support Sessions

Just in time!

I received an email today, from a seasoned toastmaster, explaining that when all goes different as we expected it is good. 

It takes us one step farther to the discovery of how IS not how we would like to be.

I am not the only one who did not have anyone to come at a Guide "Virtual Support Session", called VSS. Some had similar experience before me. So I was not completely surprised by it. Plus, today I had another online meeting before and even if the Session begun at 9 am my time, it was already 11 am for them. And also perhaps, not enough time before I wrote them. 

One very positive thing happened, I found myself a great background, a new zoom background and saved this picture while waiting.

All Pathways Guides offer 15 Virtual Support Sessions after their visits to the clubs, for all the clubs together this time, not one by one. That was my first one. It "counts" as one even when no one is there. I was told that after the launch, I will have more interest, questions to ask: they will know to whom ask and where to come to ask. If needed, I will be "there" more then 15 times or even go visit through web one by one the clubs. We will see later.

The zoom video conference is not really "Virtual" as we meet in "real time" even if not in real space. We are together, can see and speak to each other. Get questions and answers. 

Someone commented in this blog, the comment is hidden but I read it, that they have to install something to reach zoom: it is free first, second, it can be used from the web direct even if the experience is not the same. But the comment was confuse, I did not really understood all the rest of it. Still, keep commenting! I try to answer when name is left, and if of common interest, publish it.

After I waited "enough time" and more, I went to another VSS in London, and we had a good time together. It was his 15th VSS and I was alone present. So indeed, it happens to others too. Now, I am looking forward to Tuesday! All regions of Toastmasters will be launched by that time. Online Clubs and Undistricted clubs, and other clubs from the last two regions too from Canada and US, 8 and 9 I think. With this, now we will be all at the same position. 

Learning together. New horizons before us. 

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Coach Carole said...

Hi Julie, we are breaking new ground with the VSS for Undistricted clubs in our support program. I have found that, unlike our Online Club members, Toastmasters in land based clubs are not used to attending online training or support sessions. Success for greater attendance at VSS lies in timely promotions in the most likely spaces where we can reach them. Direct email often works best at least 1 week prior to session.