2 May 2018

Some Evaluation forms can be printed, others can be filled online

The problem is both look alike, but they come from different places. I finally found, where TMI explains clearly the difference. If it can be called clear? The best is when we look at the video.
Otherwise, here where I also found it described. In the Tutorials and also when opened the Evaluation Square in my Base camp.
Instead of sending the Evaluation form from your Project, from the "my educational transcript" where it is best to be to Print, you open the Speech Evaluation Square. How you get here? Use HOME or rather the grey HOME under the word Home at left.
From your project you can PRINT and give a printed copy to the Evaluator, who can fill by hand. Or, you can go to the as explained open speech evaluation and ALL the Evaluations are there in all languages. So choose the language, then the one you need. 
A few month ago, they were there direct. Now, it is not enough to choose one, you are asked if you want to Launch or Request? Request puts it between your materials inside the Educational Transcript. 
Both lets you get to the evaluation sheet you want to fill in electronically or send. Once you have saved it, send it. It says "close the window": for me it is not a window that I close but a tab, as I do not like many windows covering one the other.

I did request this to, there are as "Material" in my Educational Transcript, and one I already looked the other not. It is the one Mark Complete i finished, and if I click, it goes from Active to the Completed ones.

And here are the different Kind you can have: either Completed, or Archived or Active)

All types gives a clutter in my case as I opened many last week and did not mark completed all.

Curriculum is how they call our Paths, there is where we spend most time. Choosing it, all the rest is no more visible. 

One can also choose near it "By time added" or "By name" etc. sorting in different ways.

When I finish a path, it goes to Completed automatically, but can be found there and opened again at will or need.
I also archived two projects I did not finish but am not interested. At least for now.

And remember: the Evaluations are there for you, not to show to someone. One can upload to the e-portofolio but only you can see it there anyway. It is up to us to put it somewhere we can find and look when we feel like it or need. As progressing in Pathways in our rhythm and needs is our right. Not time constrains, no teacher control. The VPE is there to help us progress not to control. Only in extreme cases they ask how or when you did your speech or completed your project.

I just printed my Form for Evaluating my Evaluation and will bring with me at the meeting. For my online meetings, I know now from where to find Fillable Forms, and I created a special folder and each day add a few more evaluations to it, from the Evaluation Square. Even if I did not arrive there, they let me Launch or Request, save. So I will not have to do it last minute. 

There is a long story and I begun to speak about it last year this time perhaps, all around the Evaluation forms. For the moment, even if it seems complicated, once we understand how to, we can use them as given for now. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader used to fill all forms free, no more alas. Preview from Apple, does fill sometimes other times not easy. But those forms I speak about where all from inside a Project. I did not have yet any problems with the forms from the Evaluation Square that Toastmaster Provided now for us. I hope, when it changes we will know.

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You are doing a great service, and I have learned much from you.
Jim Cox