8 May 2018

Research: different kind of learnings

Blended learning is a new educational buzz-word and I have read about it and also about "how to teach for the learner" and "more then blended" and so on. 

Face to face? It is not only in Brick and Mortar clubs, even online we can be face to face, even if some call it "virtual". Then it is the synchronous  all together at same time, and the asynchronous learning, when we take when we can or need. This later also is not new, books where there and then CD then Videos for one to one and Forums and meetings for pear or meeting Experts. 

There are so many kind of learnings and methods of delivery even. But only the online experiences are new and can be found now with Pathways we got. I did wake up this morning and realised how many interesting stories I can tell about how Paula, my great grand mother learned, how my grand father did teach me from early age that do not have to have all in my head, I can look up in a book as he can too when an answer was not available. Now the lookup is on-line, but only that is different. 

And also tell stories why I love learning: perhaps because more then once my learning was interrupted. Pathways combines Modular, Continuous  Individual and Face to Face learning, and can be Personalized to an extent. 

Al is to begin. This noon, I helped a pal to get her path and to close her Icebreaker that she did deliver a few weeks ago already. To get in and out of Base Camp too. It was very satisfying! Once I did show her, she did it alone. On Presentation Mastery now!

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