7 May 2018

Motivational Strategies, my way

First time I wrote about the Motivational Strategies path was last year, July 2017. You can read about it in the link I provided. I explained then why I am interested, but I was still working on three path and pushed it farther.

At that time, I did not yet receive the Level 3 of the Presentation Mastery Printed material, and was working at different level of my then three paths. 

Here is how I looked at it then, speaking of the different Required Projects that interested me. Still does.

Almost 9 month passed when I finally did take on the Motivational Strategy, by then not the 4th as I believed ehn, but my 6th path, after having taken rather the Leadership Development as the forth and finished it, and the Dynamic Leadership that I did not finish yet.

Here are my plans for the Motivational Strategies: we can choose the same path and walk on a very different path then someone else did it, or will do. I have decided to go through this path in a very special way. Not only speaking as much as possible about Images I have taken last 15 years, that tell a tale, but also testing as many projects as I can along the way. 

The first six are the same, only Active Listening different, I have already done it once. But with the others, not only the three required differ but let us see how many of the twenty seven Elective Projects I am able to pass through. And I do not mean only opening, saving and printing them but trying them out. Giving a go. 
So far, I finished the first two projects, spoken 4 times, last time in fact twice I evaluated. i am still working on the Research project in Level 1, which will be about the new Learning Systems compared to the Toastmasters new Educational system, Pathways. It is amazing how much I understand by studying three different books and listening to videos. About that in another blogpost.

More or less I know already what I will do and say Level 2, as I repeat them it goes easier and I understand them better. 

Then, along the journaling asked in the Emotional Intelligence, and I begun to read also a few Kindle books relating to EI, will arrive, later, the 13 Projects of Level 3. Indeed, why not use all of them instead of just two? As needed, I could still repeat some of them in another path, but this time, I would like to find 12 occasions to speak, to tell a story in different ways. 

At the Level 4 projects, 3 or 4 will not give me a lot of problems, only a lot of work and new discoveries for sure, as to the others, well I will see. At age 42 I was compared to Jonatan the Seagull: I love to learn for the learning sake. Also, one can most often also apply to something useful what we learn. 

The real problems will arrive at the last level. Team Building by creating an Event will give me joy, Moderating a Panel Discussion I love and Lesson Learned I have already done without much joy last time at least. Prepare to Speak Professionally will be a pleasure. As to the rest... well I will see which I will take on and which I will drop. 
So many choices, so many projects, so many opportunities. It will be my choice when I arrive there as there are different ways to go through the same path, or see oneself.
Here are for old images, from a time I was yet not even 80 years old! The first was to declare "I make my own destiny" and that year I have loosen lots of kilos. That was my "before pic". The second picture was in my early 70th in France while I went to show Paris to a group of young dancers come to France for a week. 

The third picture is a daring picture, as I dared myself 4 years ago, after having broken my leg to travel, discover Madrid. I did with crutch but the Prado museum offered me a free wheelchair too for visiting easier. And the last picture is how a camera can deform my shadow with a cane, looking thin as in my dreams only I will ever be again. 

Every image tells a tale, perhaps, but for sure, I can tell a story in a speech from many pictures I have taken, some of myself, most of others. Each communication, teaching me something new as each Project will also bring me a level higher, even if just with a few inches. Learning skills is a joy. Reflecting them brings more wisdom.

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