16 May 2018

Welcome to Pathways!

Twelve hours after I got in Pathways yesterday early morning, I received finally my letter, as a Toastmaster member of Online Clubs, one of the Undistricted one's:
Start your journey today! "Your new learning experience is just a click away." One click? A few clicks at least, but why look at such details? 

My advice to all Toastmasters who begin from now on, and now we are indeed ALL in the same position, we can begin, indeed: LOOK and START with BEGINNERS EYES. 

Do not look back, do not compare, do steps as a new kid does when begin to walk, then talk, then discover all around him. With dare, with joy, with the newcomer attitude. It will make to experience much more enjoyable. 

"I have to do this? Again?" or "Why can't I speak about my hobbies every time?" or "Do I have to let the popups free?" will not help you, nor those around you.

 1. After you have logged in, do Bookmark the page and save the password so it comes out next time easy.

2. Before you choose your path, discover what is in each path. Do your homework. It will help a lot in the long run.

3. Yes. In a year, no "other" pop-up disturbed me since I did this, as advertisement does not come now as pop-up. 

Get started. Verify system requirements once then forget about it.
You can choose any Path (and later more), the one recommended, one of the three recommended by the Assessment, or any 7 that are listed under them. Then, go and Log in as Member. Later you can come back to the Navigator, telling about TM meetings, committees and so on. For now dig in.
At this stage, I recommend again, look with a beginners eyes, a kid eyes, play! "What happens if I open this? What is there? And if I click on "Check Compatibility" and nothing happens? Well, alas here I have to say "hover under it and click on the grey text that leads to where we need to go". The three texts in burgundy  should be clickable, indeed, but do not let this stop you: hover under and click under them.

Also try out Tutorials and Resources, instead of loosing time with discovery and play, you will spare frustration later. In this case, I have to admit, I did not do it long enough, went directly to "my education transcript" indeed a strange name for my path and other things I find there later, but once we know, we overlook the name and dig in.

Discover also the small wheel on the upper right, and the place I put my portrait. They both take you to yet another places. Take time to play! That could change your attitude from "strange..." to "interesting!" 

I"m so excited we can now all get in!

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