5 May 2018

Celebrate 50,000 visits

I do love round numbers! Going over 50,000 visits is special! So let us celebrate, together. Celebrate no me, or the blog, but you who came to see and read again.

So happy, I put on a pair of shoes and went out in the garden between the buildings.

Set down on a bench, the back to flowers, then reversed the bench so it did look toward the tulips and other flowers.

Opened my camera, snap snap, then took out my book and my notebook and begun to study. The picture of myself, happy in my skin with the early summer air, the flowers around me, and the great air, was taken at the end. After an hour, I decided it is time to lunch.

But got lost into uploading the pictures first, some then on facebook, these one's, and the others on flickr. Still have a lot to handle later.
This is how my flickr page looks at the top, with three pictures, different yet similar.
Examining Pathways very near, trying to understand it inside, then look from afar or compare with what is around, is not so different then these three pictures here.

A huge pleasure also when I get this comment from someone, "I love your blog write ups Julie, I'm a fun" that I got yesterday, before publishing my post, an answer to one of Asghar Rana questions. Others, write comments inside the blog, under a post.

Fifty thousand is great, for a year! Of course, I wrote day by day, and will continue. Of course all is comparative. Here are some stats from my photo site, flickr. 
An average of 2000 by day, and more then 8000 one day in April, the first day out to take photos of the flowers around me. But I have published constant there, for 15 years almost. And in plus the images language is general. 

No, I do not think then replace 1000 words, but I add to them often also words. Still. Here are some auto-portraits of different times, they call them now selfies. They mock and they say "I am not taking myself seriously".

I took, more then ten years ago one "before" loosing weight, and indeed a year later I was a lot thinner. Alas, it never lasts. After I fractured my leg in five places four years ago, as soon as I could, I went to Madrid, with my crutch. The wheal chair was lended by Prado museum to visit easier. And of course, the last image is a "tall tale" a wish to be thin, the shadow made me look like I was, even with the cane I was leaning on.

Today, I intended to write about what I found out about the new education methods and how they compare with what we get from Pathways. Do / Reflect and Contact. Will do it another day. Got distracted by the round number that we celebrate together. 

And remember, my Motivation Strategy path is dedicated to pictures and how to make most of what is. In the garden today, I studied for my Research and Present, Level 1. The problem, huge problem for the moment, I learned, read, studied too much. Now, I have to reread and find a way to present to essence of it. I am not yet there.


Canadian Dodd Family said...


To celebrate you 50000

Anonymous said...

Part of Pathways crashed yesterday afternoon. Some of took them until 3:00 am MDT to fix.