20 May 2018

Level 2 again: Your Communication style?

Every time I take the assessment, to determine my communication style, I am a bit unhappy: we have more then one style, all of us! But each time the Initiating Style, which for me communicating through storytelling comes on the top.
But at least, this time, I succeeded to remain with two main styles: yes, I am also direct. 

This is the first time that I observed, that the questions in the assessment go right instead of going down. They do changes, alas we do not get notice of small changes. That was one of the changes I asked a year ago. Consistency matters!
You want support for what? Her is how the questions look now. Not easy to answer to this one? Support for Goals? For Ideas? for Feelings? for Thoughts? I finally said here Goals. My ideas are in the goals and my friends support my feelings. Usually.
When working on a project, I am... what? Enthusiastic, usually : yes! Purposeful, of course. Most important : I am Persistent. Do not give up easy. 

All those many many questions, helped me finally, made me think. Again. Or more. I did try to linger at each of them and not answer them too fast. 

With that done, from many many examples of communication, I have to chose a story I want to tell, and also perhaps for the first time to explain, that behind the words I still do not like "Initiating, Direct, Bureaucratic, etc" there are some important differences. And in plus, of course, all depends with whom we speak and at what occasion. 

But now, I recognize, we still have a main style and it is good to be aware of it.

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