27 May 2018

Pat Johnson Keynote with Q/A, 05 20 2018 Online

 A week ago, last Sunday, Firebirds Collective Online first meeting after pathways rollout.

As I introduced the club, and then one to one many club members to Pathways, they asked me to be the Toastmaster of the event. 

We succeeded to invite Pat Johnson, who worked for years with "REP Learning Masters" to create the Pathways foundation and content. She calls the content "curriculum". Past International President, her background was already in Education and creating new Learning Experience for adults and Learning Management System, now called Base Camp.

Here is the video of what she said to us in her keynote as well questions and answers.
I was between those 2500 Toastmasters who applied at the time, 250 were accepted, me not between them. But I did follow from then on, how the program developed, trying to know as much as we could. Later, as REP Ambassador.

I will analyze her answers and speech next time. First, I suggest you all to take time and listen. Reflect on what she is saying, as our current Pathways, even if finished by another team, was prepared and decided by them. Through discussions and testing by a team of more then 200 Toastmasters of all places and ages through her leadership.

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Svetlana said...

The link to the video is not working. Can you check, please? Thanks.