14 May 2018

Creative approaches to new

Combining new with old, simply show or explain, here is what Google tries to do now, sending it to billions of customers probably this. I do not use any more crayon but a "Pilot bic" but still write a lot longhand in a notebook. But also iPhone and iPad. 

And then, Goggle email tells me, that from now on, they will try to use simpler and clearer language. Only now? But better now then never, isn't it?
What we do also with Pathways and explaining it as simple as possible. Here is Fabiola speaking about it at the Firebirds Collective online club, yesterday.
Again of course, she had to use "Education Transcript" then Curriculum, then Activate and Launch to get finally to the first project: the Icebreaker. But written and spoken at the same time, at least eases into it. And as it was recorder can be seen again.

I will also record a short video explaining this afternoon, even if no one comes. 
Fabiola, Pathways Guide for Firebirds Collective online club, explained also how to arrive to the page from where we can print and save projects. In fact it seems strange also because it is called the page "Your Evaluation". Of course, from there you can print also the Evaluation form. 

This page is always at the same page in every project, towards the end, just before the Self Assessment After that is the page where we tell the Base Camp that we did finish the project. Having pages that are named same and finding them in the same place is wonderful. With time, it becomes automatic to go there when we need.

How you open the page big enough to see the small line all down that opens up the big blue menu and lets us jump? At the beginning, I had to do it by hand each time again, till my son showed me that just a click on the third small round on top of any window opens the window full screen. 

So easy, WHEN we know! 

Creativity at work with Brian Dodd, President of Royal Roads Toastmaster, from Virgin Islands BC, not far from Vancouver. 
Not yet a pathways Speech-craft? He did create one! Using for the Royal Road Students who come to it, the Level 1 projects. From six, two finished Level 1 before it was over in record time! A new appreciation for how important the three fundamental projects of Level 1 can be!

Tomorrow, it will show different, it was the last time to look at the launch page like this! I added to it the info for 15th May. All launches this year:
The undistricted clubs together with the online clubs and Region 8, 9 clubs: tomorrow! I added "now" to it as 15 seems to me coming so soon. I feel it already "here". 

I have other examples of ingenuity and how one can use Pathways paths and projects in very interesting and creative ways, will write about them later. 

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