3 May 2018

That woman is a Succes

Found on  a postcard in San Francisco in 1978, on my wall at the entrance
Visited all the five Toastmasters clubs that were given to me, one online, I will speak about it tomorrow, one in Tunis today in French, and three in Kenya. After the visits, come 15 Virtual Support Session. Virtual only because there are online. For me, online meetings, face to face, never seemed "virtual". 

Life continues. In one club, yesterday I gave an Evaluation and meet some old pals. Today, I was helped by a Toastmaster I knew for two years but did not know till now that he knows French. He did pitch in when I needed him. "What to do?" "We will see". There was a lot to do, answer some questions! 

The biggest problem is how to tell enough but not too much. Did I leave the 'situation better or did I make them afraid of all we told them? But they asked and asked!

This shows a Path (Parcours in French) with at left all the project that are called Required. Same or almost same for Level 1 and Level 2.

Then, at level 3 to 5 the Three very Specific Projects that differentiate one path from other. Those are the Projects we have to think: "do we want to do this or not?"

In right side, all the yummy "Elective Projects" from which we have to choose a minimum of 4, but the accent is on "minimum": we can open, read, study, save and print all of them, and can deliver speech from only 4 or a lot more. Those Electives make my Dynamic Leadership very different from anyone else, as we do not choose the same "electives"! They are same from path to path, but it takes long time even to do them all, one by one, and we can repeat in another path again some we prefer.

I did twice Storytelling, and twice Voice Variety, and Blogging, three times already Panel discussion, as I love them. This time, I decided to try out more of them. More then the "minimum" at least. 

Going back to the first image, I am not a success because 3000 looked yesterday at my pictures and 300 visited yesterday this blog, nor because I finished the first visits to the clubs for which I worked since mid March. I hope, I am a success because I try to leave every situation a bit better then I found it. I found beautiful interesting people and also things around me. I try to live my life the fullest possible.

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