18 May 2018

Different Tutorials and Resources

Accessing your path is an "online class" that we Launch, then it is send, from the Tutorial and Resources to our Educational Transcript, where it remain with us. 

Active Listening is a "Material" that also have to Launch first, then it will open a Fillable Evaluation Resource that we can save, print or fill online. There are, as I have discovered different Tutorials and many varied Resources in many languages. Once we choose the KIND of Tutorial we need, the languages appear. We choose the language then how many they are becomes available and we can see them in Tile (above) or in list form, in alphabetical order. Here are in List form.

There is also a search to go direct to one if we guess the title correct.

Tutorials: Either Tutorial Quick Reference Guides / or Tutorial Videos. Once you select for example the Tutorial Videos, all the languages appear, you can select one of them. Selected English: they are 28 Video Tutorials.

The same is true with Evaluation Resources, select then select the language needed, there are 63 of them, if I remember them well, as there are more Evaluation Forms then Projects.

Project descriptions? 59 available.

Resource Documents? I do not remember what those are, texts describing some actions in Base Camp I think.

In plus, we can find here also the Navigator, the FAQ in different languages and Base camp Glossary and at the bottom different tutorials for Base Camp Manager.
We would best discover at least some of them then come back when we have time or feel the need to an answer. I loved all the videos I looked at! 
Here is now they look in alphabetical order the 28 Tutorial Videos at our fingertips. 

"Select a subject on the left of your screen to access a list of available items. Once you make your selection, a list of language options will appear below. Find and select the item you would like to view, then select Launch. When the item opens, you will be redirected to Education Transcript. The item will be stored there for future access."

This is on the top but somehow it fades and for longtime, I did not look or read it. First, I looked and seen 1500 resources! Aie! Then I realised they are different types and in each type in different language. So finally, 28 Videos, will be doable. I looked so far only to a few of them. Very short, very clear, very informative all!

As for after Launch, indeed I found them in my Educational Transcript, stupefied why are there, and it took me time to discover how to look at them and how to hide them. 
Here is from my Transcript, the Completed Online class sorted by title. Others are still not opened, or completed, and bother my Educational transcript, when I want to work on my Projects. But just choosing Curriculum, from here hides them. 

Different actions I can take: Launch the first (I did not yet), Open Curriculum : my path.
or Mark complete an Evaluation Resource to to into the Completed, or Launch to look, save or print them again.

It looks like this when All Types is selected instead of Online Class or Curriculum.

Play with all the possibilities.
I love clean folders, so usually I look separately to my paths (named Curriculum) and to the Videos (named Online class) and the Materials (Evaluations)

Of course from many many Tutorials, I opened just a few, mostly for discovery. Some to learn really how to. I discovered thus, the points where we have to hover, over upper right, as Base Camp Manager, for more options to appear. Intuitive some of them are not, but at least very clear instructions animations to show us all we can do.

So much more to discover!

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