6 May 2018

Printed Paths?

I do know, I was one of the voices telling to everyone, "do not do as I did: do NOT choose Printed Path." Till yesterday, when I looked again at the projects they did choose for those. We can learn a lot from it also. 

Printed Level 1 and Level 2 
Att the first two Levels, does not matter that the choices are taken, there are all Required Projects anyway. 

But at from Level 3 on, they are the same two "elective" projects at Level 3 (Social speeches and Storytelling) and the same 1 for each next Levels in all Printed Paths. 

But they are carefully chosen. Good Projects. So if you live in a place where you can not have web access even no cyber café or at a local library service, the Printed Path is not such a bad choice after all.

As long as one realize from the beginning, that instead of 27 Electives, no project can be elected by you, in case of Printed Material, and that at Level 3 you will not be able to see any other Projects then those decided for you, it is ok. 

Printed Projects - can also be assembled as a Level.
Yes, still remains to be cleaned, I hope, they will do it sooner then later. Proposing to look in projects one does not have access, --- unless a pal prints them for you from his path --- was for me the last drop that made me so angry that I have even offered my first three manuals to someone. I now regret. Do not regret that I passed to Web based Path, and did not continue the Printed, but regret not having those three manuals to look into or show.

Strange things happened after that. A few weeks later, when I finished my level three in my third path, I got a delivery. Printed material of that 3rd path for Level 4 and Level 5! Those manuals I opened yesterday. They also have good projects and well written material in them. Even if one can not choose, the choices made were clever. 

Myself, i did not use those manuals, as I prefer to read the projects online, with videos and images, quizzes and the usual parts. And as it took, in my only case 2 ½ month to get the firsts two level manuals for the Presentation Mastery, I got meanwhile Web based Visionary Communication and a Printer, I had all the yummy electives there for me on the web. And whenever needed, printed.
What does this picture tell you? First, it told me : "Julie, do not make of your problem a huge one when in fact it is a lot smaller." But, in the case of the Printed Material it was the inverse and I believe that is what hurt me the most. 

I imagined a manual with all the 13th Elective Projects in it for me to read. I imagined the big good thing, I got a lot smaller one, and with hints that other exist but not there for me to reach. Or at least not if I did not buy meanwhile other web based path. Once you know, what you get before deciding, the Printed Path can get you progress and learn and indeed has good electives chosen for you in them. 

Still, if you have the choice, if you have good connections to the web, do not hesitate and forget the Printed Paths, you can print it yourself. On your own Printer or in a Library (in UK) or a Print Shop even. I did buy a great printer, alas gets out of ink often but other then that is is also a scanner, and reachable from anyplace I am from any device I use. No regrets there. And no regrets from my experience, that I see today with a bit more rose eyes. 

It was my own huge expectation that was deceived. Happened also with my last ex. And a few other times in my life. We make a huge assumption, not knowing not understanding the reality. Then the difference between what we hoped, seen in our mind eyes and what happens or found, makes us unhappy, angry and frustrated. Even if it was ourselves who though only that "it" or "him" was better then reality. Did I listen to my friends? No! Will you listen to me? You do not have to. We all decide on our own.

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