4 May 2018

Login, Logout

"Asghar Rana Yes Julie, It rolled out for us in Region 13 yesterday. I managed to get started and chose a path etc. But then once I logged out in the afternoon, I just couldn't get back into Base camp. Everything was as normal. It seems to be working now though."

This was published with my name tagged in the Pathways Discussion Forum, it gave me the idea for today's post. I feel, it is needed. 

There is more then one way to get inside the Base Camp and to into Educational Transcript where we find the Path we work on with it's Levels, and inside Levels, the path's Projects. 

All begins with login to the Toastmaster International website, with our email (or login name if we have chosen one). 

That is how it looks, after I clicked Login, and my computer logged me in with my password. All of you who already have a Path, know how to login. If not, first you have to get a password, change it, get a path. This post is more about why and how to access Basecamp and also see our Paths and Projects in different ways.

See the Welcome Julie at the top? Going there, opening it, and finding under my address Go to my Transcript is one way that I found recently.

I grayed out my Address, and do not believe 8 path, in fact, only 6 and I have been in pathways a long time now. 

What happens if you click on "go to my transcript"? It bypasses the entry to base camp! Takes you directly to Your Transcript as Member.
I found out also only recently, it is worth reading all it is written before I go down to work. Also, when I access it like this, then I can see different Path and Classes. Here was chosen ACTIVE, By Title, and Curriculum. Yes, Curriculum are called our Paths. 

And those are my three active paths I work on. I am on the level 5 of the Dynamic Leadership, or will be when the VPE of the club I am currently "pathways" approves it. As Secretary I could do it myself, but decided to wait. Till he does realizes, or the President does, to do it. 

We learn by doing, and I can work meanwhile on my Motivation Strategies path. I just finished Evaluating and closed my second Project of Level 1, now I am waiting to finish study my Research Project. 

As for the Leadership Development in French, I am waiting to find a French club even if I could do it also in English, as it is up to us in what language we want to deliver. I only finished my Icebreaker there.

One can also look to all the Completed Material, or Curriculum, or Class by different criteria, I use in general the By Date Added. 

One item here is not useful, because in BaseCamp there is no Due Date! But the Completion Date is interesting, as I do not note when I finish. It can also by sorted by Training Type: did I ever tried that one?
Educational Transcript has still many features I did not try, as I usually dig in and open my path and go to the Project I am working on.

Any time, I can go back to the Completed paths and other types, that got there automatic or to the Archived ones that I want out of my sight.

All old classes, path, etc can be again Launched, opened, studies, shown, saved again. Sometimes, it is useful to read what where the Projects we did or did not do, and also read the Projects  of an old Completed Path, at a Level we are not yet in our actual one and can not read it. Did I go out of my topic today? Just a bit.

Here are all the types we can have. So far only one was put by the system in "online class", usually or is either in Curriculum, my Paths, or Material, from all the Tutorials I begun to look at one by one.

They remain "Active" till I do not mark them "completed". And if I launch them again they remember i have already looked and ask me "again?" yes!
Sometimes I want to show or record or revisit them too. 
When we enter Base Camp from here, we have the choice. Buy a new path, launch the Navigator, those two we use rarely. The main reason to start from here is to either enter as Base Camp Manager or Member, if you are one of the BCM, or enter as member of another club when you have more then one club. 

Till 15 May, I have only one Pathways enabled club, and I enter rare as Base Camp Manager, but after the last launch, I will be enter as member of four clubs, and as VPE of one, have to look more often in as Base Camp Manager too. Till the elections. 

Remember, when we enter as Base Camp Manager, we have to log out, then login as Member of a club, to arrive to our Educational Transcripts, Curriculum: Path and Projects. 

Once in, I had long time difficulty to understand how I log out from the Base Camp. 

Here it is the small round wheel where you click and see the Log Out.

We Logout from the Base camp only then and find ourselves, into the TMI website, when we can still do business or read information or magazine.

That is all for today. Comment, if you have any question. I hope, I was clear enough.

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