23 May 2018

Archived by mistake? Getting rid of clutter?

Let me answer today to two different, yet related questions from the Pathways Forum.

1. "I archived my Path by mistakes, now what?"
2. "Opened too many online classes, beside my path, how I get rid of the clutter"?

Almost any way I go in, nowadays after login to TMI i get this. Then, I login as Member and get "inside the Base Camp, and see this.
There is also another "my educational transcript under it open to the last work perhaps, but best go in, opening the "My Educational Transcript".

Here, where I added an oval and not there at the burgundy with same title. 

At least if you want to change anything and have control of what you see.

After opening the "My Education Transcript" Blue tile, you can see this:
Read carefully what is written, not like me, then pay attention at the three possibilities offered below. First is for changing from Active, Completed or Archived. Sorted all by different criteria. The third is why type you want to see?

Easy way to "clean up" what you see is to choose Active and Curriculum, only your path is there then suddenly, all the online classes are not visible. Experiment with it!

Now to answer to the questions "I Archived my current path! now what"? Choose the Archived instead of active, and hold the Path title (not the launch) - even if an archived you can launch and see. But we want to retransfer it into the ACTIVE paths.
I went to my Archived Types, there are all these and I choose Curriculum. Can of course re-activate any other type too.
That is what I found in my Archived Curriculum. As I did not want to see my Printed Path any more, I went to transfer back to Active my Pathways Mentor Program. I had to choose the title, instead of Open Curriculum, or click on the square near it. 
It opened the "Transcript" and I could click on activate: I added for this post a rectangle around it, upper right corner. That is all it took, to transfer the Mentor Program (and any other I would have wanted) from Archived to Active.

Here it is now, between my Active Curriculum (paths) even if it is not a path but an equivalent. 

As you see, I have three Active Paths, now. They are at different Levels.

Dynamic Leadership, DL is at Level 5 and it will be for some time still. 

Motivational Strategies, MS is now at Level 2 and I am preparing, as I wrote yesterday, the "my communication style". Yesterday, I made a research on google, and I found a lot of conflicting material. I also found a great TED talk, that explained that what it really matters is to Reflect on our styles and how we use them.

The pathways Guide Tasks, I will have to Archive, just not yet. As to the Pathways Mentor Program, soon I will send back to where it was where it can wait for me, when I am ready to tackle or get interested in it again. For the moment, Mentoring was not much for me. In is long time, and as for now, I am preoccupied by being a Guide. And an Ambassador. And at the side, preparing some new Motivational Strategy speeches, and perhaps giving another Research and Presenting speech, best then last time. Letting settle all I read about the chosen subject. 

I hope, this post helps to answer the questions, and those who some of you may have.

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This article solved my problem. Thanks so much for putting it up.