19 May 2018

New technology? Voice Variety? My discoveries since yesterday.

Yesterday, I went to assist to the Emperor Online, Zaldy's not yet chartered club. May I give a speech? Yes, he said early morning. I prepared the Research and Present, as I decided it was time to move on.

This is "Diversity" the picture I did NOT use - yet.
Read three books, studied them, have to study more, yes, but I did understood the most of what I wanted from the beginning and could make a link between the New Education System Managements and Pathways. 

Of course, expressing what I learned in a few minutes was a lot more difficult. 

Finally, I got a 4th book, in fact about the Emotional Intelligence, but containing a lot how we react to what we find, and why personal photography is so important, recreating suddenly a moment in life for us. A moment, we can tell stories about, a moment where we could connect to others, share with them.

I choose one main picture, and two with shorter stories around them to explain the influence of pictures on us and how we can use them. Through it, mostly the first one, I could explain how we react to an image, a photography, through visceral reaction first, recreating the feelings we had at the time, then we can tell even the story of that time, and at the end, reflect what it mean to us and what it can mean to those seeing the picture and, listening to us.

It is true for pictures we create, as I showed yesterday three of them, and it is true for pictures we find. This morning I found a cartoon, published by George Marshal. It can of course apply to many CHANGE occasions. But for the time... we think of one specific, isn't it? What does it evoke for you?
In the Official Toastmasters Members, facebook group, it did initiate a long and healthy discussion. Now, that we are all "rolled out", Pathways allowed everywhere, what we do and how we react to it. As it was not public, each has to go to see for the discussions.

I learned this morning, that some images represent better what we mean then others.

After finishing my Presentation of my Research, too long alas as the Timekeeper did not show the time, just noted it, there was a second speech, a Reading from a Book. Usually, it is boring. This time, it did teach me the real meaning of Vocal Variety. I still have a very long way to go, if at any time I even reach some of what It was done! 

I discovered also the meaning of the Seuss book "Green eggs", a good interpretation can change so much! Got a lot modest from yesterday, good lesson for me again.
At the after party, Veronica originally from Philippines, now in Australia, explained us that at her Icebreaker she was told her vocal variety is not good enough. She decided to cultivate it.

She went slow, then fast, up and down, changed tone and pitch, played it all out for us like the best actor ever could.

She was wonderful, and we were all with her from the beginning to the end.
My own evaluator, evaluated me while driving his car from the airport to home. 

We were afraid, when he begun to use his hands to demonstrate, I hoped it was at a stop. He opened the light so we could see his face while he spoke only. Ian Along had all well planned.

Yes, and indeed, he listened also well and with attention. Given me a warm feedback.  I was about to write "too warm" but I remembered the last video I looked yesterday, Pat Johnson, whose mentor told him, "when you are appreciated, say thank you! not answer but perhaps I should have... as otherwise you tell us not believing what we say". So, thank you Ian! And waw! Assisting to an online meeting while driving a car! 

We also had two members, first time online. One was a brand new Toastmaster from China, the second coming back to Toastmasters, because Pathways and Online! 

Between those who protest for what is new and do not want to go online to read even their Path and Projects, and those who go online even from their car while driving to assist to a meeting, or return to Toastmasters because Pathways, a long range of different people! 

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