1 Jul 2018

Level 3 and Level 4 Dynamic Leadership

End February, finished the Level 3 and Printed the Certificate of Completion. The award went to DTM Masters, before I stopped my membership in April. 

End June now and, here is the certificate for Level 4. 

It was only yesterday, that last minute the VPE of Lewisham Speakers asked me if I am ok to give it to the club, as they have a matching award already registered. The award was registered to Club Central the 30 June, two month later then it was approved in Base Camp to be able to continue toward the next level. 

Beside the number that change, notice that something is missing? The square is empty. 

As it happened to more then one toastmaster to get a "bare" certificate, I went back to see what was there before. Even on my completed path certificates, unless I made a screen dump at the time, the number is missing. They are aware of it, they are working on it. Soon, the square will be filled again. 

Meanwhile, do not worry! When we finish a path, they send us still, even if late, the "right" certificate. Nothing missing. And the date is when we finished the level or path in Base Camp. And we have of course, all our achievements in our Badges.

Here are some of my badges in e-portofolio of my Base Camp. 

As you see, I achieved Level 1 and Level 2 six times. Level 3 and level 4 only five times till now. I got Presentation Mastery Proficient, Leadership Development Proficient, Effective Coaching Proficient and what is not here, also Visionary Communication Proficient. I activated Team Collaboration, but not begun it yet, Motivation Strategies too, I am on level three now. And one of my teammates send me a few month ago an Inspirational badge. 

Beside, I have "activated" two Leadership Development, the second one in French. I still did not find a club to speak in French, but I will. I get slowly on it, as I am invited to present to Officer Training or other similar events in French, from time to time.

Today, first of July! If it is true, I should receive the Pathways Ambassador Award, we'll see. I feel I did a lot to gain it and I will continue, as the Ambassador job is not just for six month. I have begun fall 2015 and will continue long time, till needed. 

I also become President. Wrote a long list of things I have to initiate as President, at the same time, I hope the new path, Team Collaboration will help me too. 

Still a bit sad, that I am no more VPE of Witty Storytellers Online. I took on that responsibility from the creation of the club, two years ago. Recently, I received 360° feedbacks from different toastmasters, and I have to print them to read, study them better, then create a speech, how I feel about them. Also write a self-evaluation before I do it. That will allow me to analyze what went well and what less. Alas, they are standard, and ask more questions about me then the job, the service I did. In any case, Pathways Projects do help me in what I do!

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