10 Jul 2018

A year ago, discovered two books

A year ago I was deep into these two books.

Leading with style was discovered after my unhappiness with the YOUR Leadership Style Project. I felt, it contained information using a lot of words, too sophisticated for me, buzz words, and not clear enough content. Besides, I did not find out from it which between many was MY style. This book, written by a professor in UK. Explains all with a lawman’s vocabulary and simply. At the end of both Project Level 2 and book, I understood a very simple truth: we have to lead as much as possible DEPENDING on the SITUATION. Using the style needed for that time, that people.

Later, when I repeated the Project, for next Path, I just thought what story could I tell around, about Leader Styles? Mine, others, used or experienced. Thinking about it may of course help us.

The book Managing Transition from author of Transitions, is still useful. Discovered for Level 1 Research, “Transition to Pathways” and how a company should handle, and sometimes does not, and what to learn from it, and so many more. I took some advice, but of course, I am not a company leader now, and even when I tried to influence, I was not a lot listened.

I had to understand, through my Visionary communication path, that I can do a lot, when it depends on me. My vision can not be pushing others. At best, giving an exemple. Some say “a magnet”. In any case, I suggest that book, Managing Transition, read and reread, by all who try a smooth - as smooth as possible - transition in time of big changes.

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