2 Jul 2018

What to do after CC? Go inside Base Camp!

"What to do now? I finished CC 10 just now and got two new manuals. Storyteling and Persuasive Speaking." 

Alas, as I remember, the Persuasive Speaking manual is not to teach what the title suggest for all of us who asked for it, but how to sell shoes in a shop. And even those not the best advices. In level 3 there are projects for Persuasive and for Inspiring speech with great example video for the last one.
The Storytelling manual I also choose as my first Advanced manual. The folk tale is there to study the basics of story and what we are used for. The others, to try our skills on different types of story.

All the four following projects, and a lot more information available in other places, can be used to tell the speeches in "story style". Adding humour to them whenever possible. And not being openly persuasive, but hiding the message inside the story. 

In my case, a personal story with almost all project speeches. It makes the message we want to convey only stronger, and penetrates deeper, in many cases that an open "motivational" speech that asks for "do" that or "do something else" openly. 

I have begun to study storytelling, when I was 60 and got retired. Needed at the time to add some stories to my diaries for context. With time, they got even stronger then the diary part they illustrated or explained in story form. As I am now 84 it was a while ago, but I did not finish learning. Each time, I arrive to yet another level. Find some new tips or technics. In next days, I will try to add more description of sense, as in one of level 3 project I found. The real challenge is to add enough for the audience to begin imagining in their mind's eye, but not too much so they could add their own experience to it and make it theirs. 

For those finishing ACGold, I say finish and at the same time try Level 1. For those inside Competent Communicator manual or just finished it, I suggest keep the free manuals but go into Pathways and use the projects in that manuals to improve some of pathways speeches. You will advance faster and learn more practical skills too.

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