22 Jul 2018

"I am on level 4 and no award!" XX wrote today in the Forum

Of course, going from Level to Level is approved by one of the Base Camp Managers : VP Education, President or Secretary of the club. Reading three time the question, I concluded she must have approved herself to progress through her Levels, entering as BCM and not as member. We enter either as member to use our paths or as BCM to approve or to see the others progress.
Before going farther, we have to logout then login back differently. As Secretary of one club and, now President of another, I can login and if needed approve even my own level. That was only necessary in my London clubs as I am teaching my pals how to. The Base camp manager has at least have chosen a path as far as I know. Now, all my clubs BCM did but till July it was not the case.

A Level approved, a certificate printed, does NOT give you a TM award. To obtain that we have to ask one of the Committee members, that is NOT US, to register the award in Club Central.
Choose Leadership Central, from there Club Central and then your club. Add awards. 
Adding Levels is very easy but has to be done one by one. First name then Path, then Level 1 then later, Level 2 and so on. I had a special post explaining it step by step.

Only after it was declared also in Club Central the award appears between other awards of your Welcome, Julie (or your name of course) Awards. One day, they will link the two perhaps. But then, how to advance and still not declare it?

They come fast in Pathways, and you are the one asking the club to register for you, the one deciding to which club and when to offer it.

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