23 Jul 2018

Virtual Support Session no 14 London to Nairobi

Here a video (second image) of 30 minutes of a "virtual" support session by a Pathways Guide (me) from London through zoom to members of clubs from Nairobi, Kenya. I got questions before the meeting through email, direct in zoom and also through zoom chat from others.
Most of the 14th session, but not all is about Evaluations. They determined the day and the hour this time. The club committee decided a fast converting to Pathways of the members and want to learn as much as possible about it.

In principle this is the 14 / 15 support sessions, but of course I will not stop at 15. Some are the first time "online" or in Zoom video conferencing, and other's video just got a problem, but they could ask questions through chat. Serah, VPE will distribute all information given, and others decided "I will get on now!" 

It was a great meeting for me and for them too. It took me some time to get to the video, recorded "on the cloud" then download to my computer, then upload to YouTube where it will stay from now on.

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