7 Jul 2018

"I don't like change!" - at least, recognize it

In the Pathways Forum Discussions, some veteran toastmaster got very strongly against me because I told him that is is normal, that all do not like change.

He told we "accuse" them all who do not like Pathways, and want back to old ways, that is is because they "do not like change". 

It was not accusing: it is the truth. Alas, many are very defensive and then suddenly the discussion deteriorates.

Here is an article from June Toastmasters Magazine, that all of us receive, or can read online too. The title is "I Don't Like Change!" and in it the journey to become a Pathways Guide and how during a weekend, he decided to embrace it. 

We like or not like something, is a lot about framing. Nothing is all good or all bad in anything that comes our way. Change is here, change will stay, like it or not like it. But when we decided to embrace it, we can shape it, we can adapt to it, discover all we can have from what will come. 

When we embrace Pathways or any other change, we can find ways to use what is there even when we do not like every aspect of it, and not waste our time fighting, and pointing out only what is less good that was what was before. So many negative emotions that hurt me in some ways. Not the attack against me or my words, but those very strong emotions that come across by words and capital letters, feel like hitting me. I am sorry of course, adjusting is not easy. Arriving to the new educational program with a full cup instead of empty or half full, so it is place to fill it in.

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