20 Jul 2018


Past 84 now, should I say "in my 85th year"? Somehow 85 seems more "sexy" as age. Some days, I feel it is difficult to step down from my bed and go to the kitchen in the morning. My left ankle is shaky. 

Inspiration helps.

Michelle, got her 36th morning walk and video and Facebook direct, well, she is younger then me. And this morning, I got a slideshow with my daughter 67 images taken all in the Washington DC mixed quarter, a place as I remember at the time was to "avoid" even passing with a car. A sudden summer shower arrived, and I believe these were her best pictures, taken a couple and a young man, walking down steps in rain.
and the second one perhaps even better, this time going down
Let me add the last from the 67 even if all are wonderful: not taken by me
Still in rain : as I remember in Washington DC it comes very fast very strong and then as fast it stops. The air becomes as in a washing room or a steam room, very humid but the sun is out again.

Inspired by those videos and these pictures, I went out today, toward the end of my street, where a highway passes, took a parallel commercial street to come back. Walked more then I believed I could. 

You really think Pathways, a Path is difficult? You can do it, once you decide.
The most difficult was to decide, begin going down the stairs. Once out, to tell myself, make steps as in the gym, then your knee and ankle will think "it's only exercise".
I was rewarded by new beautiful flowers at the corner, then yeah, a long road to the street where bus passes. Looking down an interesting pattern, and up houses across. This is how I put them together for my Facebook page.
For very long, I did not go all the way to the highway. Usually I stop at this bench then go shopping through a narrow alley. Another five pictures together, each telling a story. Do they tell also to you? Pictures by pictures, almost like Projects by project. 
Arrived to number 99, I crossed to the parallel street, the shops are there, and small restaurants. I discovered funny courgettes, and this small animal before the butcher. Then entered the Italian cafe and got an expresso. And could not resist a "pain au raisin". After the stop, I took a bus for 1 station, then continued from the Heath back.
Across where I live, apartments without any steps, and something special no usual in London, a terrace with drying things outside. A pretty green WW and home with the fruits I did buy. Just a few, so I can continue to take pictures, but tasty.

I could tell a story about how inspiration works, how persistence pays or how we have to believe in ourselves that we can do more. Today walk, even if I stopped twice on the way, was longer then usual and longer then I believed I can do. 

Today, I was very content with myself. 

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